Oiselle was contacted by the US Olympic Committee to remove all references to the Big Event in the Southern Hemisphere from social media posts, blogs, and website. All photos of the Big Event in Eugene will need to be altered to remove any prohibited references to the Big Event in the Southern Hemisphere. Such references are included on the bib that is ironed onto the athletes’ competition kit, as well as located on all prominent surfaces of the stadium, walls, and the steeple pit...

Because of this, we will still have race updates on @oiselle Twitter, but without photos. Please follow the personal Twitter and Instagram feeds of Oiselle crew who are in Eugene for real-time pictures of our amazing athletes (Twitter: @oiselle_sally, @featherstephens, @drlesko, @jackelizabethk, @kemetcalf, @laurenfleshman, @boblesko). 

We are consulting legal experts for more answers. Stay tuned.


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