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Truth teller Beth Baker here! 

Truth #1: I am an introvert. 

Truth # 2: I use to think I could run on my own. (More truths to come....)

I trained for my first marathon solo and with the company of a walkman. It was fine. But, when I think of why I love running, it's the people who were with me. I think of my sister-in-law Rena, who came to run with me the last 6 miles of my first marathon in her sweater and Mary Jane shoes. I truly believe I finished that damn thing because of her. 


If you think you can do it by yourself, I wish you the best. But wouldn’t it be easier, and more motivating to be in the company of another person to keep you honest and accountable? And it would be, well, more FUN right!??

  • A. By Yourself.     
  • B. Run with a wing woman.

Truth #3: I pick B EVERY time. 

Truth #4: We are pack runners and we need each other, especially for new runners who just need don't have the faith yet that running is the bomb.


Here is my arguments for a partner in run: 

Exhibit A.
It raises your running vibration. When you have a partner, your commitment to running is elevated when you have someone blissfully by your side. Maybe you want to quit, whine, or cry, but you don't because that person is there. So you decide to buck up and go for it. Then eventually you are both running blissfully together. 

Exhibit B.
Accountability. There is an unspoken rule about flaking on your running partner. It's rude, and you'll go to running jail.... You are there for each other. Make it happen.

Exhibit C. 
Vacation racing. Whisking away for a girl’s weekend seems so much more justifiable when you tack on a race to it. Then there is the post run pampering that feels like you really earned it. 

Exhibit D. 
Solving life's problems. When your body is in motion, your body processes feelings and thoughts better than sitting on your duff and typing it on Facebook. Fresh air, a conversational pace, and a hot topic equals the best therapy out there. 

Exhibit E.
Real, honest to goodness communication. When was the last time you talked to someone for 30 minutes without checking your phone? Was it while running? I rest my case.

Truth #5: If you put yourself out there, and get over yourself, like I did, I promise you will find your #wingwoman. Then you can run happily ever after.


July 12, 2016 — jacquelyn scofield

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