Spandos, I love you.

Not just because your designs are brazen.

Not just because you’re made in the USA.

Not just because you employ an ultra premium fabric within hot silhouettes.

And not just because you have an innovative "continuous" design.

I love you because you pushed me to raise my design game. You tested the patience of my team and my factories. And you set new standards in how to source materials, comply with labeling, and define performance.


All to say, you were a huge pain in the ass  – but totally worth it. Spandos, our latest collection of four silhouettes across eight prints, that you’ll see roll out in the coming months and through the end of the year, is a celebration of risk-taking.


At one point in time, in early 2015, it was a nutty idea… “let’s do a collection of popular styles in hand-selected prints, made in the US, and use a totally unique labeling system!” The ensuing fifteen months, from roughly March 2015 to the present, has been full of ups and downs. There were times when I wanted to scrap the collection altogether. Or put it on hold.


But then we’d get a prototype to review and it was love. The fit, the fabrics, the performance…everything clicked. The dream was becoming real, and somehow this Spandos collection was nailing the intersection of riotous color and clean, minimal design.

I’m so honored to present Spandos to you! And I’m proud of our design team for sticking in there and charting new territory. We believe you will love all four styles, as they have been polished and improved and perfected over a long period of time.


What we also know is that these are limited edition. So if there’s one or more that moves you, grab em! When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Some things are just that way. One-of-a-kinds… put on this Earth not to be repeatable, but to help us take risks. And raise the bar. Enjoy!


"Why Spandos?" For pro Oiselle runner, Lauren Wallace, it's all about balance...





jacquelyn scofield