by Kara Goucher


Sometimes you have to take it inside. The roads aren’t safe, it’s sloppy, it’s well below your 'I'd run in that' temperature.

We tapped Kara Goucher for her core routine and it’s the perfect addition to any indoor workout day (and pinnable!). And of course we have you covered in the styles to beat the indoor bore.


(Kara's style: Satellite Tank, KC Knickers and Lux Verrazano Bra)

March on Swiss Ball
This a great exercise for working your hips and pelvis to create a strong core. You have to be able to balance your position on the ball and hold strong as you switch legs to march. Start with 5 on each side but build up to reps of 10.

Roll up and Pike on Swiss Ball
This is an awesome core stabilizer exercise. You have to hold your core steady to control your body as you bring your knees up and roll, then you must control in a different way as you use your core to pull yourself up into a pike. Do roll up and out, roll up to pike and out.  Start with doing 5 each with no rest and then build to 10 each with 2-3 reps.

Side Plank with Dumbbell
We all know the importance of planks for core work and stability. This take the regular side plank up a notch. You have to really focus on balance as you reach your arm down toward your opposite shoulder and then reach up toward the sky. Start with a 3lb weight and a set of 10. Build up to 5-10lbs and 2-3 sets.

Lunge with Med Ball Twist
The lunge is a great way to get all things firing. Adding the twist with a med ball ensures that your core must work as well to hold your body upright and maintain good position on the twist. Start with 10 total, 5 each side and work up to 20 total with 10 each side and 2-3 reps.

Swiss Ball Pass Hand to Feet
This is a great core exercise that takes focus. Start on your back the the swiss ball over head in your hands.  Bring you body into a slight v-sit to pass the ball from your hand to your feet. Lower your arms and legs and then v-sit again to pass the ball from your feet back to your hands.  Focus on keeping your back flat to the floor when you are lying down. Start with 5 passes and work up to 2-3 sets of 10.

BOSU squat with Med Ball
BOSU squats are great for hip strength. I like to use a med ball as well as I feel like it helps me maintain good form. Try to keep your chest up and butt back. Start with 10 reps and work your way up to 2-3 reps of 15.

BOSU Balance with Side Leg Extension
This is a great balance exercise that forces your core to fire. In order to maintain the balance needed to do a side leg extension, the core must really function properly. Leave a slight bend in the knee of the foot planted on the BOSU. Do 10 reps each side and build up to 2-3 sets.


And of course, we're here to help up your indoor flystyle game with all Take it Inside Styles.

Shimmels are a cross training staple from the gym to barre or yoga - comfortable built in bra and A-line shape to prevent from riding up. 

The Flyte Tank (and all of the seamless collection) is a match made for the gym - wicking, anti-microbial, soft and light.


Time to go crush it! Good luck. 

Kara Goucher