Heather Stephens

Why run? For that feeling of weightlessness, that sense of flight – when the legs go fast and the heart goes free.


While there is a sense of freedom and joy that comes with gaining fitness, the beginning phase is not always fun, at least not in the sense of instant gratification. If we overdo it, the intensity wears us out. If we don’t apply ourselves enough, we never quite develop necessary habits. When you go at it alone and discomfort sets in, it’s easy to throw your goal out the window. Having a partner to hold you accountable to your training plan will help keep you on track; that is why we’ve created the six weeks to #runlovechallenge!

Run Love Challenge #1

1. Pick a partner. Choose wisely, you’ll need someone who can challenge you and keep you in check for the next six weeks!


2. Set a mutual goal with your run lover to complete on or by Valentines Day.


3. Create a six week plan. Share your partner + goal with us on Twitter @oiselle


Not sure about a goal? Here are a few ideas:

  • Run Streak: set your minimum daily mileage and get out the door every day from now through February 14th.
  • Enter a Race: sign up for a race with your partner and create a training plan leading up to it.
  • Run Regularly: set a number of days a week you will run and complete this goal through February 14th.
  • Run a PR: pick a distance that you’ve run before and aim to run a PR (your fastest time ever in that distance)!
  • Go the Distance: train and get ready to complete your longest run ever with your partner.
  • Get Stronger: pick a strength routine and plan to hit the gym a few days a week with your partner.
  • Set Your Mileage: set a minimum mileage standard to run over a six-week stretch (ex: Jacquelyn runs 200 miles, Heather runs 300 miles… Mutual Goal: 500 miles by February 14th)

Good luck with your first challenge run lovers! Share your progress with hashtag #runlovechallenge @oiselle! And Seattleites don't forget to join us for TNFC every Thursday to keep your training on track. 


Check back with us next Monday for Run Love Challenge # 2.


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