The act of running is simple. The best running clothes are too.
Our Flyte collection is back - and expanded into new styles and colors. The always popular Flyte Long Sleeve and Flyte Tank - in gorgeous new colors. And the Flyte Gaiter has been a hit... used as a neck gaiter, a headband, or both.
The Flyte Shorts and Long Flyte Shorts are back by popular demand! Like the tops, both shorts are made via the seamless construction process which makes them not only smooth and compressive, but free from most seam lines and stitching.
Both shorts have been updated with a drop stitched flock of birds and subtle Oiselle branding. Designed for simplicity and ease of movement, Flyte shorts are truly made to take on the tough run, the short interval, and even the long, long miles.
What makes Oiselle seamless different:

Most seamless apparel uses quite a bit of spandex to create a compressive, close to body fit. We've always wanted something with more drape and ease. When we created these styles back in 2012, we knew as runners and athletes, we wanted to get away from the sausage casing look and feel a lot of seamless brings. Flyte is an ultra-soft, ultra-light nylon-poly blend. The nylon gives you durability (tough!) and the poly gives you softness (touchable).

I still remember getting our first Flyte sample. I can't see the future, but I had a flash, a moment of intense insight where I knew the styles would be big. That doesn't always happen, so it was a special moment I still remember.

Infinite possibilities in design:

Seamless garments are made in a tube. Similar to sock construction, each tube has a size/circumference, and the garment is knit into the finished product. The most exciting part of this approach is that any design can be knit right into the garment, and is integral. Words, graphics, shapes, birds... you name it. Our birds on the Flyte styles are created by a drop stitch in the garment which gives it a different appearance and lighter weight. Birds. We love em. And our classic flock, as we call it, shows up throughout our brand - from packing to graphic tees to store signage.

Freedom and flight:

Capturing the beautiful, evocative imagery of birds is quintessential to what we know and love as runners: the feeling of freedom and flight. When I get ready for a run, it's where I seek simplicity the most. A top that fits great, that looks fantastic, and that holds up - run after run. Flyte wins because it’s the trifecta of form, function, and fierce performance!Story Behind the Style: The Flyte Collection Expands



February 21, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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