1. Run with friends. Meeting someone for a run keeps you accountable and helps the time fly by!
  2. Look good, feel good. When I need help getting out the door I buy myself a new outfit I can’t wait to strut through the roads in!
  3. Put a race on your calendar! No matter if I’m just getting back into shape or preparing for my next big marathon, having a road race on the horizon helps keep me motivated and can be a great way to get in an extra good workout (during the race).
  4. Get involved in something bigger than yourself - join a club or run for a charity. Sometimes as runners we get wrapped into the selfish side of the sport and focusing on what is best for our individual needs, but the times I’ve run the best I’ve run for more than myself.
  5. Go for a run in a new place. I won’t deny that I usually get into a routine of certain routes I like for particular workouts, but if you’re in a rut, try a new trail, run the hilly road you usually avoid. The mind and legs need diversity.
  6. Enjoy the journey, not only the results. I’ve been working on controlling what I can and letting the rest go. Unfortunately, the result is something we are not in complete control of (weather, sickness, injury). 
  7. Set goals and crush them! I write my goals somewhere I can see them everyday so when the going gets tough I’m reminded what I’m working for.
  8. Mix it up! Do a Mud Run, a Triathlon, or a Spartan race. No one said you have to just run, be courageous and try something new!

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