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Richmond Training Check In With Sarah Byron

Richmond Training Check In With Sarah Byron

Oct 31, 2017


After three attempts to qualify for the Boston marathon, Volée member Sarah Byron is hoping that the upcoming Richmond Marathon will be her qualifying race. With a solid and healthy training cycle behind her, she’s ready to give it her all on November 11th! 

I feel ready. But, I have always felt as ready as anyone can before they set out to run a marathon. I’ve run four marathons, and somehow even though I know I can make it 26.2 miles, I sometimes find myself thinking “26.2 miles, who does this? Can I really make it that far?” And, of course, I always have made it to the finish line and I’ve always found a positive experience in each of my races. 

This training cycle has been a bit different, though. A bit better, actually! I have been healthy this entire training cycle (everyone please knock on wood immediately) which has never happened for me. I eased into my mileage and I have been listening to my body more than I ever have. I still love going fast on my track days, but I have learned to slow down a bit during long runs and easy days. I have also incorporated more core work and much more stretching and recovery time.

sarahbyron_0.jpgPrediction run fun at DC Birdcamp

While I did struggle with a few workouts, especially with the hot weather lasting well into October, the majority of my workouts have been solid! I really love to run and the training is the part I enjoy the most. Racing is great, but it’s the goal-setting, routine of workouts, and thrill of running that keeps me happy and healthy. I believe that we are each responsible for creating our own happiness, and for me that has always included sports and being active. 

sarahbyron2.jpgWith Sally & Dr. Lesko at a Volée meet up

The best part of this whole cycle has been that I was able to complete two 20-milers and one 22-miler. For my other BQ attempts, injuries usually got in the way of several of my major long runs. Those longest runs often give me the most confidence and a stronger mental game. Knowing I’ve run those distances this time, I feel even more prepared for this race. The 22-miler was actually my favorite long run ever. It was daunting when I first saw it on my training schedule, but I crushed it. Ate those 22 miles for breakfast. So, it’s smooth sailing from here. 

I have confidence that I will BQ, because that is what I’ve worked my ass off to do. I will show up on race day ready to lay it all out there and put my hard work to the test. I am so excited and can’t wait to tackle Richmond with so many of you! Head up, wings out! 

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