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November is a time when we really think about all that we appreciate. But let’s be honest, November is also a time where you can feel a little less than appreciative about getting the chance to head out the door and run. 

In fact, sometimes you think of going outside and running and you feel like this...


Because really you would rather be doing this...


And you try to "casually" work out inside but really you just end up like this...


So we are bringing back the #chasethebirdchallenge so we can run streak together! Every day from now till November 23rd we challenge you to get outside and go for a run (if you can't run we challenge you to do 15 minutes of another activity outside) then share with us on Instagram, Twitter or Strava, what you did each day.

Just wait, you will be hanging out after your run like,


Another day, another run, and still some time left to go back and enjoy the coziness you didn't want to leave behind.



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