Pajamas! Pa-jee-jays! Payamas. Footy, short or fuzzy. Lacy, long, or snuggy. Who doesn’t love the perfect PJs? And for runners, it’s about getting to that essential element: SLEEP. Which is why, on one of my runs, I got to thinking about SLEEP before a big race. About how that ONE night, before the big day, was so crucial. The meal before was crucial. The travel and time zones were crucial. And of course, so was the mindset! And if the mindset is created from outward cues, how could it be improved by apparel? And thus the genesis of podium PJ’s!


The super snuggy rayon/cotton/spandex tri-blend is just the start. What makes these "Podium PJ’s" is the pump up graphic: “Fortune favors the bold…and the well rested. SLEEP NOW, and make every step count tomorrow. The finish line awaits you.” A sleep mantra for your down time…for your quiet before the storm…in which a hail of footsteps will create the story of your race. #runfamily! We want you to go forth and conquer… but to do it on a good night’s sleep in a reminder of your prowess.




November 27, 2013 — sarah

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