Sarah Mac

I don't believe in 'Black Friday'. I don't believe in pressure shopping. But I do believe a thoughtful gift between loved ones is one of life's great thrills. Oiselle also believes our tribe of women runners are the best there could be. So instead of perpetuating the crazed feeling and the icky tummy pit the BF word causes … we want to say THANK YOU. 



There will be treats, freebies and deals throughout the season. They are our gifts to you. Thank you for everything you are. Thank you for the inspiration, the motivation, the endless support. 


Enjoy the holidays dealios to find your running besties a gift that says, "I wouldn't be the runner I am without you. Thanks for dragging my butt out of bed in the wee hours and cheering me on at my first marathon. Thanks for all our talks and letting me rant that entire 6 miler last week…. " And of course we support self gifting, because you do a lot for you too. 


Enjoy and thank you! From all of us at Oiselle.