Puffy coats. Puffy vests. Puffy bras. (Okay, no bra, but don’t put it past me…we have a fleece bra coming out this year). Turns out puff is a powerful force. Jackets are best for the frigid cold; that ticket to the outdoors all winter long. But for the modern woman, the vest might be her number one go-to. One part armor and storage maker, and one part warmth and finishing layer… the vest is wings out all day long.

So what makes Oiselle puffy styles different?


1. Primaloft Insulation // Kind to animals, optimal for athletes

The popular standard for puffy garments is down. It’s hard to compete with down’s loft and warmth. But a lot of down is not ethically sourced, and geese are abused just as in any animal driven supply chain. Oiselle insulation is different. We work with industry leader Primaloft™. Our fill is one of Primaloft’s best synthetic-down blends, which means it has the synthetic fibers to keep you dry in wet conditions (whether from your body or the sky), but is also blended with genuine goose down for loft and warmth.

  • Primaloft only uses traceable down that’s responsibly sourced.
  • Synthetic and down blend ideal for performance (run in these styles!)
  • Washer/dryer friendly. Tip: throw the jackets in the dryer with a tennis ball to re-puff them.
  • Styles using Primaloft: Quill Jacket and Vest, Call Her Jacket and Vest, and Super Puff Insulated Mittens

2. Pertex™ Fabric // Lightweight and breathable

Like the Vim and Vigor styles, our Quill Jacket and Vest use a Pertex Microlight woven. Different than most woven shells on the market, it’s designed specifically to handle the highest performance needs of athletes… windproof, highly water resistant, and able to move heat and moisture from your body to the air.

  • Extreme durability, resisting rips, tearing, punctures
  • Windproof to 60mph, highly water resistant, breathable
  • Finest woven from a mill with more than 30 years in the performance fabrics business
  • Styles using Pertex fabric: Quill Jacket and Vest, Vim Jacket, Vigor Vest

3. Katron™ Fabric

Our Katron fabric uses a popular cirré (seer-ay) finish that both insulates and repels water. Lightweight, wind/water resistant, and durable. This fabric returns for the third year in our line because it’s extremely strong, beautiful, and high performing. An MVP of wovens! And women in the outdoors.


Meet our new cold weather styles, made with Polartec Insulation and a weather resistand woven, to keep you dy, warm, and cool in all the right places. Cold Weather Flyout part of the Flyout Collection


The women demand great storage – and we won’t deny them! All of our outerwear boasts easy, well designed, functional storage for all your on-the-go needs. Wallets, keys, phones, pens, food, tampons… well, you get it. On the go people need on the go storage.


An asymmetrical zip line (Call Her styles). A garment that’s as beautiful on the inside as the out (Vim, Vigor). A pocket and storage that’s integrated into the garment, with secure closures, versus stuck on as an afterthought. Skin warming collars and cuffs. Draw cords that keep everything in place when the training and weather kick up. And all design elements drawn together in a unified look that is both feminine and fierce. Since day one, this has been our mission… the highest performing run-worthy garments that don’t compromise in quality, fit or style.

Stay warm!


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September 28, 2017 — Allyson Ely

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