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There's only one way to truly test our outerwear - put it on an elite runner who trains outside, in all conditions (Colorado's intense winter included). So, I sat down with Kara to find out if our technical outwear is Kara tested and approved.

Here's what she has to say...


MM: The weather can be pretty rough in Colorado. What keeps you motivated when the weather gets tough?

KG: I like to see the weather as a challenge. If I can stay calm when it’s crazy windy or snowy out, then I can handle anything that is thrown at me when I am racing on the roads. Also, in a weird way, I like running in bad weather. It helps me to practice being calm in chaos.  

MM: Layering. You’re a pro. How do you think about layering styles when the weather starts to get colder. 

KG: Layering is a way to always be as comfortable as possible. I hate being cold, but I also hate sweating because of excess clothing. When I layer it’s all about pieces that can be shedded easily. I am always striving to be in that place where I am not cold but not hot because of heavy clothing. As a run goes on, I need to be able to get rid of layers as I go. I love having options at all times. I am addicted to layering!  Plus, I’ve just always loved the look of layers even as a young girl!


MM: What do you look for in a good jacket?

KG: A jacket needs to be warm, have a good flattering fit, and washable.

MM: Quill vs. Call Her. What do you where when, and why?

KG: Call Her Jacket is the perfect jacket for everyday use and for to and from the gym, indoor track, etc.  I’d wear it to a workout on a really cold day, leave it in my car, and throw it on after. The Quill Jacket, for me, is more running oriented. I might wear it, especially the vest, during a warmup. I don’t mind putting in on over sweaty clothes since it washes super well. And it’s that perfect jacket for when it’s cold but not super cold and you are wondering if you can get away with a sweatshirt, you cant - throw on the quill.  It’s warm and lightweight. The perfect jacket for when you need a good layer but also need to move around.


MM: Accessories - what are your go-to items?

KG: I’m a total mitten person. Always have been. So I love the Super Puff Mitten which is lightweight. I also love the Striped Pom Beanie. I have a HUGE head and most hats don’t fit me. Although I do wear a headband on occasion, I’m usually straight to the beanie if there is a chance my ears will get cold.

MM: Favorite winter running location?

KG: I really enjoy running in Boulder in the winter. It seems as if the world slows down around me and I can get out for a peaceful run on fresh powder. Of course I grew up in Duluth, MN which is pretty fantastic for winter running. Throw on some Yak Trax and you can really experience the city in a beautiful way.

MM: Hands down favorite piece of outerwear this season. You must choose.

KG: I hate that you said I must choose! I am a big time vest girl. I get really sweaty armpits so vests are my jam. I am really excited about the Flyout Vest. It’s going to get a lot of use this winter!

There you have it! Technical outwerwear is officially Kara test approved. 

Keep putting our technical outerwear to the test and let us know what you think!


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