They love it, they really do. The daily runs, the gritty workouts, the mileage-infused friendships, and of course, the big moments and races (that will come again)! And though they might love sweat and effort, gifting them shouldn't require it! We've pulled together some of our favorites: the Oiselle designs that avid runners love to give and get.

Fabric is a lifestyle. Or maybe it's that a lifestyle can be made more enjoyable, supportive, and comfortable with high quality fabrics. From the legendary softness of Lux, to the cotton-infused quilted styles, to Bird Hug's reversible and compressive softness, they each bring coziness and warmth - no matter the season or reason.

Quality ingredients paired with timeless silhouettes are what make great lasting outerwear. Whether it's the warmth of our puffy styles, made with Primaloft® insulation, or the water- and windproof shells, including technical fabrics from Schoeller® and Pertex®, our outerwear is designed to span all the fall/winter needs, in both in sport and life.

These are a few of our favorite [runder]things. It's all about the combo of sport and style and comfort. We highly recommend Wazzie Wool bra and briefs, as they are nature's technical basics, as well as the forever softness of Lux and Bird Hug. Don't let anything come between you and your flystyle.

Thank you to all the fellas who fly with us -- at every altitude. From accessories that fit everyone to a few choice pieces made just for you, here's to celebrating our shared flight.

A little sport, a little spice. Small gifts with lots of heart.

December 03, 2020 — Sally Bergesen
Tags: style

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