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Last week we brought new birds on set! Odds are you followed all the behind the scenes action on "oisellebts" Snapchat. The goofy, uber talented, fierce and strong as heck women debuting spring are some of the women we crush on (big time). From pro athletes on our Haute Volée to Ironman competitors, actors and dancers, take a peek behind the scenes and meet the crew who made the magic happen. 


Left to right: Devon Yanko, Fawn Ledesma, Kami Beckendorf, Shante Little, Thury Gudmundsdottir...and add in Heather Stephens!

Devon Yanko


AKA: the original badass. No stranger to speed (2:38 marathoner in the 2012 Olympic Trials), Devon now is focusing on Ultra distances and just qualified for the Western States 100. Devon's story of strength is remarkable. Follow Devon as she leads us on and off trails. 

Thury Gudmundsdottir


Thury is an endurance-superwoman from Iceland! When she’s not modelling for Oiselle, she’s busy competing in ultra-marathons, marathons, and Ironman races. She almost broke 3 hours in the California International Marathon, holds the Icelandic woman’s national record for the Kona Ironman world-championship, and is the only Icelandic athlete to compete in that tough-as-nails event twice. Oh, and when she’s not competing, Thury knits Icelandic sheep-wool, does plumbing and electrical work, and is a stay-at-home mother of three amazing children. And...she's 52 years young! 

Fawn Ledesma


Since childhood, Fawn has been immersed in the world of ballet and dance, singing, performing arts and theatre. She graduated from Cornish College of Arts and has since been a Pure Barre instructor here in Seattle as well as an actor for the Village Theater. Fun fact about Fawn? She’ll splurge on vegan cupcakes and almond lattes, any day.  

Kami Beckendorf 


Oiselle Technical Designer and now model, Kami works on the entire Oiselle line and also in development of our specialty bra line. Kami is a stealth math wizard, a no-excuses stickler for details, and a die-hard Seahawks fan. Don't bother her during a game! She just ran her longest training run ever (9 miles) in preparation for her first 15K in 2 weeks. 

Heather Stephens 


We had the pleasure of meeting Heather “Feather” Stephens at the Olympic Trials in 2012. Who knew three years later she would fly across the country to join the Nest! As a former 3K Steepler at Syracuse, followed by assistant Cross Country and Track & Field coach at Georgetown (go Hoyas!), Heather leads the Oiselle Volée allowing her to take coaching knowledge and her passion for running to new heights. Take note, Feather really does fly. On set and on the track! Signature move in studio shown above: “the feather.” 

Shante Little


This woman is one in a million. When she joined our Haute Volée as a 400m Hurdler in May of '15 we knew she was something special. After we were privileged to spend time with her at Birdcamp last August we were blown away (a must read if you haven't read already)! Look for her to continue inspiring as a model, an athlete, and a brave and honest woman. 


jacquelyn scofield