Who doesn't wanna get a little muddy? Odds are if you've run a few 5K's or even a half marathon, the thought of trail racing has come across your mind from time to time. When two of our HQ runners, Nelle and Sydney, came back from their first 10 mile trail race, Lord Hill here in Washington, we had to get their first-timer tips! 


1. Who knew…time does not matter. It's all about being tough, getting up the hills, and not tripping on roots! 


2. Prepare to get MUDDY. And embrace it.

3. Appreciate the low key people and nature around you. Everyone is super friendly and present to race because they really want to be there.

4. The food! The post race food was the bomb. Vegetable soup, homemade peanut butter/nutella sandwiches, and much more.


5. You will meet the friendliest of people. None of that "I don't want to talk to you because I'm too much in the zone right now." 

6. Make sure you have trail shoes to race in. The tread is a must. 

7. Best practice: bring a towel for the car. To say our shoes got muddy is an understatement.


8. If possible and needed, wear an extra layer. There is so much elevation gain and loss in trail running that it's easy to go from hot climbing to wind-chilled downhill.

9. Pin your bib number to your tights (if allowed). It will give you the flexibility to peel off layers mid-race.

10. Don’t let pace be a main goal for your first one. The hills will get ya! And it’s okay. Slow it down, take it all in and fight to the finish. 


And as always...wings out! 

jacquelyn scofield