Last year I set out to "take chances," and I did, across all avenues of my life. I faced my challenges like an old dog willing to learn new tricks, from dealing with grief, to learning to be a better boss at Picky Bars, to flying across the world to get surgery on my heel.

I'd say that in every avenue of my life, I am better off, except one: my running. While I've taken chances and tackled this injury every way imaginable, I ended the year moving backwards, starting over again on the alter-G, and being a sad sack about it. I let this one area of my life that was going poorly discolor everything else that was beautiful, and had some pretty dark days over it as 2015 came to an end.


In 2016, my year is going to be about accepting what is true. I am going to woman up and let my running become what it is, or isn't going to be. I'm not going to cling or grasp onto what isn't. I'm going to dream, do the work, and let it be what it is. 


January 12, 2016 — jacquelyn scofield

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