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Making goals is easy. Truly believing in them and yourself is the challenge. As we enter 2016, a year put on a pedestal and in the limelight for pro runners, the word Olympics looms above our heads on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. When I started my career almost a decade ago I believed becoming an Olympian was the END goal. Defining your career as a runner. To make an Olympic Team still ranks very high on my list of goals but it isn't the end all be all. I have other fish to fry.

My biggest challenge will be balancing my energy demands of having 2 kids and trying to train full time while staying injury free. In 2016 I vow to stay healthy and consistent coming back post pregnancy #2. I've been away from competitive racing for almost 2 years now and there are moments I see other women putting up superior and unbeatable times and performances. These moments bring self doubt and fear.


I vow in 2016 to believe in where I once competed at and know I can get back there with hard work, perseverance, and most important self confidence. Compared to previous years in my life my preparation for workouts, easy runs and recovery is less than ideal at times. In 2016 I vow to overcome the "less than ideal" and instead of waiting for it, find a way to create my own path to success. #womanup2016

Dream Big,


January 13, 2016 — jacquelyn scofield

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