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Kara Goucher isn't just a professional runner... (as if being a 2 x Olympian, World Silver Medalist wasn’t impressive enough). Kara is a friend, a busy mother, an advocate for clean sport, and a woman whose life we admire on and off the track. We are proud to have a person like Kara represent our brand. When it comes to living a life that is filled with moments like post-workout, pre-hangout, travel, and always on the go, Kara knows best. That is why we are proud to introduce the Kara Collection, a set of Oiselle exclusive styles, that take into account all of Kara's needs and wants. I guess it's official now... Kara can add designing a collection to her impressive list of feats.

So here are the experts, Kara and Sally, to give us all the must-knows on the new line!

HC: Alright Kara, give us the straight scoop on all the pieces from your collection...

sleevelesshoodie_0.jpgKARA SLEEVELESS HOODIE

KG: I LOVE sleeveless hoodies. It's that easy piece that I can put on pre- or post-workout and I feel put together. Let's just say it's an item I've been wanting a very long time for. I even had Sally do a twitter poll to see who would wear a sleeveless sweatshirt, apparently I'm not the only one.


KG: I know some of the Oiselle pieces are really subtle, but sometimes I want to rep the brand loud and proud! I really wanted to have a few pieces that include a bigger, bolder logo.

karapants.jpgKARA PANTS

KG: The most important thing for me with bottoms is that I love a low and loose waistband. Nothing constricting. These sweats provide ideal comfort around the waist.


KG: I'm all about tank tops and muscle tees. And I'm excited to be able to respond to my fans who have long wanted to be able to buy tees with quotes.

HC: Sally, what were the most important design elements for you as you helped bring Kara's collection to life?

SB: Classic styles meet tech fabrics. While the silhouettes are easy, classic athletic pieces (the hoodie, the sweatpants), the fabric takes them to a new level. The fleece is a blend of poly and tencel, which basically means it's insanely soft and not bulky.

HC: What separates these sweatpants from your average sweatpants?

SB: High quality fabric for high quality sweatpants. These sweats won’t bag out at the knee or butt from wear, like regular sweats. And they will stay soft and lovable wash after wash.

HC: I've had the gift of feeling these incredibly soft pieces in person, how would you explain them to someone who hasn't had that firsthand experience?

SB: Kara wanted easy to/from pieces that were perfect for before or after a workout. We wanted to make those pieces unlike most fleeces, that contain cotton. This 100% performance fleece is remarkable because it's equally soft on both sides. Plus, the external surface has a lovely slight heathering to it, giving it that well-loved look from day one. Another plus, the tees are made with a pre-shrunk tri-blend, and water-based inks for the graphics. Again, it's all about that soft!

karasally.jpgAn almost exact replica of the moment Sally and Kara realized that they had just made the most comfortable, yet extremely technical, pieces in the athletic world.

There you have it. This collection is the result of two woman coming together. One with an abundance of design experience, and another with an abundance of runnning experience. Leading to a moment in which they took high quality and comfort to a whole new level. 



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