It all started with Rundies: day of the week underwear for runners. Let's be honest, those put us on the map (and what woman doesn't want to show her run love with "fartlek" underwear?!) But being the high performance divas we are, we wanted to create underwear for athletes, made from materials we know can handle sweat - with style. Enter our first season of Randies a few years back. Technical seamless underwear with sassy phrases. But after a few years, we wanted to freshen up, so to speak, so we did what we often do - ask our teammates for suggestions! And suggest they did.

Thanks to the Volée, we received lots of great new phrases. And then we got to work on producing them for a Fall 17 launch. The prize for winning phrases? Free Randies of course!

Better yet, we've updated the fit of the new Randies. The fit is full coverage, but without the binding at the leg holes that often cause lines under clothing, tights, etc. The update has been getting rave reviews from the wear testers, and now we're excited to share them with the world! So please welcome, NEW RANDIES: per usual, in a pack of three. And thank you to Susan Marvel, Meredith Mikell, and Liz Pardue for helping us stay clever with "Baby got track" "These buns can run" and "Follow to the finish"!

babygotrack.jpgFor those workouts you need to go into with a quick confidence boost.

thesebunscanrun.jpgFor those days you wake up and feel like the opposite.

followtothefinish.jpgFor those days you are racing and have the competitive edge to take anyone down.

So go forth, and embrace your randies! Motivation truly can be found just about anywhere... 


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Allyson Ely