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It’s the beginning of September, which means cross country teams around the country are quickly approaching their first races. The beginning of the season is dedicated to laying a foundation of fitness. Building a strong base - of mileage and habits - that will support you throughout the long and grinding competitive season.

But starting a season isn’t reserved for the young’ins and pros — we can all benefit from a window where we focus on our foundation. So with that in mind, our September Wheels Up Challenge is dedicated to doing just that. We’re present to you - The Oiselle Start of Season Power Up. Pick one area to focus on, or work on them all, and share your tips, tricks, and progress! The start of a competitive season is most enjoyable when the hard work is shared with your teammates.

  1. Get Your Sleep - Training works best when you put your sleep first. Everyone's life demands are different but if you shoot for at least 8 hours each night you're giving yourself a good chance for recovery. Whether it’s a 'go-to-sleep’ reminder alarm on your phone, a wind-down routine, or just the ruthless prioritization of sleep in your schedule. 
  2. Drink Up - Hydration is a habit that’s critical for any athlete. Load up that water bottle and make sure you’re replenishing fluids all day. Juices and other drinks with electrolytes are encouraged for high sweat times. 
  3. Talk Positive - Success starts in the mind. Listen carefully to your own self talk, and make sure to combat any negative slip ups with believing in yourself. Build a case for yourself. You’ll see it show up when training gets tough.
  4. Slow Down - How easy are you running those easy miles? Maybe not easy enough. Make sure your easy miles are slow enough to really build an aerobic foundation and aid recovery. And for those rushing around their busy lives, don’t forget to slow down there too. A practice of mindfulness lives in the toolkit of many successful athletes.
  5. Rest Hard - Our days off are where we get stronger, so protecting them in your training schedule is critical (hello #restdaybrags). We recommend foam-rolling, recovery yoga, and being a couch potato when your schedule permits. 

Join your teammates and start the season off strong. Post your progress with #WheelsUp17 #PowerUp5  - we can't wait to see all your hard work!

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