Remember when Dr. Lesko introduced The Dozen, the ultimate core routine for runners? Well, the doc is back! This time with more pro style tips to get you warmed up before your workout or race. Take 5 minutes to activate your glutes for max effort and speed. 

Before starting a run it's great to send a message to those big powerful glute muscles that you want them ACTIVE. I try to do this whole Lauren "Fleshmom" Fleshman activation routine before running. It takes about 4-5 minutes, follow the guide below.

Glute Activation Drills 


Knee to chest
Squeeze your glutes. Lift your right knee to your chest - foot flexed - while rising onto your toes. Release and switch legs. Repeat x 10 each side.

Heel to butt
Roll your pelvis under and hold your heel to your glutes. Release. Repeat x 10. 

Forward lunge
Step one foot out front, tracking your knee over your ankle. Tighten your back glute and stretch your hip flexor. Repeat x 10 each side. 

Side lunge 
Step your foot out wide to the side, sinking into a low side lunge. Track your knee over your ankle. Repeat x 10 each side. 



Back lunge 
Step your foot behind you, tracking your front knee over your ankle. Switch and repeat x 10 each side.

Toe touch walks 
Keeping your back flat, straighten one leg out in front of you and touch your toes. Switch and repeat x 10 each side. 

Skips: forward, side, back
High skips for 50 meters forward, 25 meters on your left side then right, and 50 meters backwards.


VIDEO: Spider man crawls (total body activator)

May 15, 2014 — jacquelyn scofield

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