Fundraise Update: based on strong sales during Global Running Day 2020, we were able to donate $81,000 to The Loveland Foundation. They reported back that the donation is equal to 675 hours of mental health support. Thank you to all of those who shopped with us, as well as those who donated directly.

“The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.” Ida B. Wells

What is our truth on this day?

In this moment? On Global Running Day in 2020?

The light of truth is that our country has deep and poisonous roots.

The light of truth is that although America was founded on radical principles of freedom and equality, it was never for everyone. America’s rise and independence were equally founded on the genocide of Indigenous people, the abduction and enslavement of Africans, and the annexation of lands we didn’t own. America was founded on white supremacy.

The longer we run away from these truths, the sicker we become. And the more lives we lose.

Precious black lives – all equal, all worthy.

We desperately need the light of truth. It’s our only way forward.

As runners, forward is what we know. It’s what we’re good at.

We know the capacity for change.

We know how to push and strive and persist.

We know how to break through walls at mile 22 – and turn them into doors.

As runners, we know how to become strong by never, ever having to utter “I can’t breathe.”

As runners on Global Running Day, we need to get behind the light of truth.

I am a white woman who founded a company on the belief that running is a great equalizer. And I’m also a white woman who has learned how flawed that thinking is. About the myth of meritocracy, and the entrenched systems of power that oppress others while lifting someone like me up. I no longer use the term “bootstrapped my way to success.” Not because I haven’t worked hard, but because I have benefited from undeniable privilege.

And yet, I also believe the success of a company like Oiselle is crucial. What the world needs now is a whole bunch of brave, independently-owned, equality-minded businesses run by fierce ass women.

As a running company, we have a platform and the willingness to do good in the world.

As a running company, we have a community. We have a voice.

As a running company, we can take action. We can donate sports bras to communities in need. We can send a percentage of sales to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and TIME’S UP. And we can prioritize making our running team more diverse and inclusive.

As a running company, we can continue to educate ourselves, our staff and our community on how to both see and change our biases.

And as a running company, we can donate money.

Today, on Global Running Day, we will donate 100% of our sales to The Loveland Foundation.

Loveland was recommended by our WOC friends and teammates. They chose it because its Founder, Rachel Cargle (@rachel.cargle), is a racial justice leader and educator who is focusing on financial assistance to Black girls and women, especially as it relates to mental health and access to therapy.

We will donate 100% of today’s revenue to Loveland with a cap of $100K.

And we promise to continue this work, inside and outside of Oiselle.

As runners, we know this is not enough.

But as runners, we also know it’s a stride we can take… toward the light.

Sally Bergesen
Oiselle Founder + CEO

Sally Bergesen
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I am blown away by this generosity! So amazing and makes me a Oiselle customer for life!

— Sara Weisner

This is beautiful. Love this company and everything it stands for, thank you for speaking up!

— Kylie

This is wonderful, thank you Sally and team!!

— Marisa

Wow Thank you Sally ! proud to have been a former athlete of Oiselle.

— Whitney Rowe

Yes. Thank you, Oiselle.

— Peggy

Thank you for your commitment, for your honesty.

— Sarah Williams

Sally, I love this so much. I am so proud to be part of this family of deeply thoughtful and progressive women. I, like so many, have been through a gamut of negative emotions in the past few days. But I have been lifted as the most amazing thing is happening: people who may not have paid attention in the 80s and 90s and 2000s are now not only listening but full-on taking part in the fight. It is a glimpse of hope that our world really is changing for the better. Thank you for shedding such bright light in this darkest hour.

— Victoria Barana

I Approve!
Good forLoveland.
Forward is truly the only option.

xxx Mom

— Joanna Volz

Thank you for choosing to use your platform for good. I have always loved Oiselle and what you stand for, and this reaffirms it.

— Erin

Great letter and commemoration of running day

— Stephanie Bachman

Thank you for shining light on The Loveland Foundation!

— Lisa Smith - POEM CROWN

Thank you. I’m moved and inspired. Thank you for your leadership and setting the example for all CEOs.

— Kristina Harrison