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Happy Global Running Day! A day to celebrate the sport we love and an ode to the endorphins that fuel the soul mile after mile. What we feel and achieve through running is magic in itself. And it's been proven - running brings us not only physical health and mental clarity, but increased creativity, better memory, sisterhood, friendships and so much more. What can't these wonder chemicals do?! 


To celebrate and remember why we run, we rounded up a few of our favorite articles that touch on the benefits and power of running in all aspects of life. It's no wonder we call it #runlove...

Benefits of Running/Aerobic Exercise 

Exercising at a Conversational Pace is Good For Your Brain | Psychology Today 
How moderate exercise improves cognitive function and protects against memory loss.

Honing In on the Source of Runner's High | NYT Well 
What the phrase "my endorphins are kicking in!" really means for producing that runner's high. 

Endorphins and The Truth About Why Exercise Makes You Happy | Daily Burn
Endorphins themselves may not directly be causing good feelings, but exercise does. 

Physical Activity Improves Cognitive Function | Psychology Today
How regular physical activity can improve brain function throughout a lifespan. 

Why Running Makes You Live Longer | Outside Magazine 
Hint: it has nothing to do with mileage or speed. 

How Neuroscientists Explain the Mind-Clearing Magic of Running | NYT Magazine 
Explaining the robust link between aerobic exercise and subsequent cognitive clarity.

The Endorphin Collection

That power of endorphins in runners is the heart and soul behind why the Endorphin Collection was created. A secret nod to our love of sweating it out! With each molecule represented in a seamless knit basic, it makes it easy to celebrate all that endorphins do for us - day in, day out.  


Endorphin 3/4 Long Sleeve


Endorphin Tank styled with Endorphin Shorts

Now...Go Get #endorphinated!

If you're out running today (we know you are) ride the runner's high with us by snapping + sharing pics getting your endorphin fix on. Bonus: show us your favorite endorphin style using hashtags #globalrunningday and #endorphinated! We'll be sharing our favorites.    


jacquelyn scofield