Hard to believe it’s already Thanksgiving week! And what a great prompt for us to give thanks to all of you for supporting our Bras for Girls donations this year. We are thrilled that we have given away over 2,500 bras to girls in need in 2017, along with our educational booklets. We are planning to donate more than 4,000 in 2018, so please let us know here if you would like to nominate a program! Hear from some of our Bras for Girls recipients, and thank you again for your involvement with Bras for Girls. Girls + Sports = A Beautiful World!



“Many of our girls are on the free and reduced lunch program so this was a great donation for them to receive. They were so appreciative of the support they received (very bad pun!), but seriously, you have made a difference with our girls. Thank you!”

“The girls were so excited to receive new sports bras! They entered the classroom with squeals of excitement and left with plans to wear their new bras at the next meet on Saturday.  We discussed bringing our best selves to every practice by getting enough sleep, eating right, and staying on top of school work.  Now, we are able to also talk about our unique bodies and equipping ourselves to maintain health.  We are so grateful for your generous donation and partnership.  Thank you!”



“Saturday after practice, the girls came over to my house for a bra party. They chose their bra and tried it on, trading with others if needed. For most, it was their first sports bra ever! "What a relief," said R., "my other bras get all gross and sweaty and aren't even comfortable to run in!" We read the booklets that came in the box and talked about breasts and their shapes and sizes. It was a sweet time, because some of the girls have only brothers or don't talk about "girl stuff" in their families. We talked about the gender inequality and double standards they face within their families/cultures. Many girls expressed that they want to have daughters so they can encourage them to play sports and give them the parental support they wish they had for themselves. In our neighborhood of immigrants and refugees, not many women play sports, let alone run. These brave young women have chosen to commit to a different path!”



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