This weekend was a big weekend for trail running! It marked the end of the season for many athletes before the holidays and a period of downtime and recovery from racing. On the east coast and the west coast, two of the nation’s most competitive and prestigious ultras were run: The JFK 50 Mile and The North Face Endurance Challenge (50 mile championships, 50k, 26.2, and Marathon-Relay).

Devon Yanko and Sarah Bard were in attendance at The North Face 50. Crewing, cheering, tweeting, and soaking up the run-community love on a gorgeous Marin day.

There was screaming, there was laughing. There were cold hands and there were pastries. There were views and there were spectating logistics. There were tough days and there was some crying. There were pats on the back and words of encouragement. There was understanding and inspiration.

There were hundreds of runners and even more supporters. There are uncountable stories to tell, but here are some highlights from the weekend:


Devon delivers pastries to the masses (of spectators) at our first aid station stop: Tennessee Valley. It’s early and cold and we are antsy to see the first runners come through. 


I am SO thankful for her Super Puff Mittens to quickly heat my hands between photos and tweets. 


We find FREE parking at our second spectating stop! This is maybe the most epic part of our day! Devon runs into friend, Ricky Gates, who recently ran across the US! He gets a pastry!


This view!


Babies, views, coffee, friends, and all the runners!!


Back at Tennessee Valley, runners have 9 miles to go, we witness the depths of their grit. We also witness the strengths of the crew, some balancing childcare, social media, and ensuring that their runner gets all the fuel and care they might need as they head for the finish.


Allison Barr comes flying through!


I ran across the Golden Gate Bridge (alongside many runners in their last 3 miles to the finish). Moments after I arrive, 3 Oiselle runners cross the line.







Kristina Mascarenas places 17th overall female in the 50 mile championship race!


Devon’s foot is on the mend, but that doesn’t stop her from leading part of Sunday’s shakeout!


Sunday is for the spectators to explore the gorgeous Marin trails – Elisa and I top out on the East Summit of Mt. Tam. 3 hours of running and 2 hours of eating later, everyone goes home to rest and enjoy a sunny Sunday.

Congrats to all who raced (and crewed/spectated!) – there were lots of birds out there on the course, and we were thrilled to see a handful of them as we darted along the course!

We are so grateful for a weekend full of inspiring performances and grit, sunshine and beautiful trails and being able to be a part of such a special weekend with the trail running community. 

Sarah Bard


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