Kristin Metcalf

Just recently while attending Bird Camp Colorado, Jacquelyn, Jenn and I were sitting around talking with Volée members about our team. Several of them had questions for us and one that sparked our interest was their desire to hear more about the Emerging Elite Fund. Our Volée team mission is to build the sisterhood: one that is supportive, passionate, and inclusive. A concrete way that this mission is put into action is through the $25 contribution that each Volée member gives to the Emerging Elite Fund. 

Some of you might be asking yourselves this specific question: Over the course of 2015-2016 how has that money helped our Haute Volée women and what has it meant to them personally? A huge chunk of the Volée's contributions (over $15,000) went specifically toward the airfare and hotel costs to send our Olympic Trials Marathon Haute Volée qualifiers to LA! Other ways this money helped our Haute Volée: training facility tuition, coaching fees, physical therapy treatment, massage and other travel expenses for the 8 new Haute Volée women who qualified for the Trials in the winter.

Talking with a few of our women who have directly felt the support of their peers in personal ways through this program solidifies for me how special our Volée team’s mission is to women who are trying to make ends meet in pursuit of their Olympic dreams.


“After graduate school, my enthusiasm for running was unbridled. I had the support of my Oiselle team, more free time, more experience, and I was ready to coach myself through a marathon training cycle...just run more and run harder, right? After two stress fractures and a big wake up call, I realized I needed some guidance. But who? How much? How often? Understanding who I am as a runner, Oiselle team manager Kristin recommended I look into hiring Stephanie Bruce as a coach. Because of the Emerging Elite Fund I was able to hire Stephanie, set new PRs in multiple events and run in the Olympic Trials Marathon. What a blessing! Thank you Stephanie! Thank you Oiselle!” – Allison Maxson


“In my first year training semi-professionally, I was fortunate enough to fundraise $6,000 needed for the cost of attendance at a training center. At the time, I thought that was the only financial barrier I would have to cross (I was naive, I know). I didn't anticipate all of the additional expenses that come with chasing the pro track dream. Between therapy, training gear, meet entries and travel - it adds up. The Emerging Elite Fund gave me the opportunity to make the most of my opportunities- including traveling to my first international meets on the Canadian circuit and my very first senior national championships all the way in the UK.” – Shante Little


“Having support from the Emerging Elite Fund has been instrumental in my development as an athlete.  I was able to train for the Trials without worrying how/if I would be able to make it to LA, as the entire trip (including making my own meals in my hotel room) cost over $2,000.  I felt so grateful throughout my entire training cycle that I was able to receive the care I needed in order to stay healthy and represent Oiselle to the best of my ability, all thanks to the generous contributions of the Volée.” – Anna Weber