The selling point as a running coach is that running is free! You just walk outside and go run; just you and the road under the blue sky.

Well… You do need clothes because of those pesky indecent exposure laws most states have. And you need shoes and socks, ‘cause you just got all those piggies prettied up in pink. So, clothes and shoes.  When you are first starting out, all those other things that you might want down the road can be overwhelming and expensive, so let's simplify, shall we? First, what you don't need; the special watch from NASA, the tutu, the hydration system, or the aerodynamic visor (there is no such thing….yet).  When you first start out, what you DO need is the holy trinity of first time running apparel: shoes, bra, and socks.

Why you need them: Every body is different and needs to be fitted properly for shoes. You may pronate, supinate or be totally neutral. Don't know what that means? That's where your local running shoe professional comes in. In Seattle, I go to Super Jock n Jill. They are awesome.  

Favorite run specialty stores YOU tweeted in: 
Super Jock n Jill | Seattle, WA
Fleet Feet Seattle | Seattle, WA
Track Shack | Chicago, IL
Rhode Runner Inc | Providence, RI
Run N Fun | St. Paul, MN
RunningCo | Haddon, NJ
Seven Hills Run Shop | Seattle, WA
Philadelphia Runner | Philadelphia, PA
Salt Lake Running Co | Salt Lake City, UT
Charm City Run | throughout MD
Performance Running Outfitters | throughout WI
And many others...see here.

Why you need it: Your girls need a comfortable "Cadillac" suspension for a ride. Get a supportive bra where the movement up there is minimal. Getting the proper bra is a game changer, and you'll thank me when you get the right one. 


Helpful Bra Guides: 
1. Find your Oiselle fit: the guide that takes the boring out of bras
2. The Best New Sports Bras for Every Cup Size and Workout by Self Magazine 
3. Sports Bras: How to Choose by REI

Why you need them: Of course, socks! But, what kind? Look for non-cotton socks, they are the best. Polyester and wool socks keep your piggies dry and blister free. 

Brands We Love:
CEP Compression

How to Choose the Right Running Socks by Runners World 

The rest is just fun stuff, and trust me, you'll want all the fun stuff. I like to use the fun stuff as a reward for my attained goals: I got out and ran 4 times this week, I win a cool hat! I got 50 miles in this week, hello new blue Oiselle tights. I didn't die after a 10k, come to me new car… Uh, I mean pretty watch that tells me how many miles I dominated. It's all about the prize.


jacquelyn scofield