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"Standing on the starting line your knees trembling, heart racing, palms sweating, and mouth dry as the Saharan desert. It's a feeling we as runners know all too well. The nerves that overtake us make us question our reason for putting ourselves in that moment. The training prepares you for the race, but you still have to fight on the day. You have to go through the race, show up, and be ready to embrace the pain.” - Steph

A little over a year ago, Steph had just given birth to her second son and was standing at the ultimate starting line. Far removed from training and racing, it would have been easier to let go of the big dream. To step away because the road seemed too long and daunting to tackle. But Steph said yes to goal setting, moving forward, and taking chances. She said yes to the journey back filled with kegels, core stabilization, Elliptigo rides, and long slow miles after short sleepless nights. 

Six months in, she ran 0.58 seconds under the 10k Olympic A Standard and qualified for the Olympic Trials. This Sunday at 7am, Steph will toe the line at #runCIM. She’ll stand on the starting line, she'll breathe in and out, her heart will race, her palms will sweat. And then she will start. 

Whether you're in Sacramento this Sunday or cheering from afar, consider your own starting line... Dream Big. Take a chance. Embrace the pain. Be brave. And #StartWithSteph.

We'll be there cheering! Come find us at Cowbell Corner at mile 23.6. Grab a cowbell and superfan with us!

December 01, 2016 — jbarnard

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