Hey Spring.

We need to talk... be real for a minute. You are kind of the worst. It's not you, it's us. It's the other seasons. It's the mountains; they can be so unforgiving. It's our love for the other seasons. It's you trying to be all the other seasons instead of yourself to win our hearts. So actually, it is you.

You're unpredictable. The 75°day followed by a snow storm? Such a tease. The snow storm? Really passive aggressive; we just lived four months in a frozen tundra. It was fun, but we're ready to break up with winter. You aren't as lazy as summer and the slow burn of fall can't be replicated; we see you trying to grow things. When you're trying to be all the seasons at once it comes in the form of wind. Wind is the worst. The ships we want to sail are on the track, not the ocean. A nice breeze every now and again is welcome, but your gale force winds leave a lot to be desired. Trying to be what you're not really puts a real damper on your potential. The return to the trails, the jump off into a summer track season, temperatures warm enough we don't hate being outside, and cool enough we don't have to run at the crack of dawn. 

We realized we love the idea of you more than we actually love you. Here's the deal; you hold so much promise, we'll keep loving the idea of you. We know you exist. Maybe somewhere in California, but certainly no place we've ever lived. So we'll keep packing all the things in our bags. Roga Shorts in case you decide to be summer in the hour time span it takes us to warm up. A Quill Jacket, in case you decide snow is the face you want to put on today. Gloves, mittens, and a headwear assortment will hold a steady place in our wardrobe. We'll prepare for your unpredictability and hope that you do you. Not Summer. Not Fall. Not Winter. You do you Spring.



March 25, 2017 — jbarnard

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