Hard to believe it’s already been a year since we gathered in Bend, OR for the inaugural #birdcamp! We are in last minute preparations for this year’s #birdcamp15…in Leavenworth, WA, August 14th-18th. It was a tough decision to move camp away from Bend, because Bend was perfect! But we decided to mix things up a bit to keep the experience fresh. It has always been my dream to participate in an adult running camp with friends, so planning these camps has been a true labor of love. Most important ingredient? Food!! (We are runners after all.) 


In November (it was such a cold day!), JJ, KMet, Feather and I did some reconnaissance over in Leavenworth (google the town in summer...it's a gem) and at the Sleeping Lady Resort. We fell in love. These pictures will give you an idea of the beauty we will experience, just remove the ice and fuzzy hats...


Follow along as we improve biomechanics with Jay Dicharry, set goals with Lauren Fleshman and Adrienne Langelier, learn from our Haute Volée, run a timed 5K, hear about Oiselle brand and new designs from Sally and the design team, float the Wenatchee River, and of course, eat some amazing vittles!

Check out #birdcamp15 on Instagram and Twitter, and follow our Facebook page for more photos. Maybe this will inspire you to plan your own running camp! (For all you new Volée: next year we will have getaway #birdcamp16 from Eugene, OR during the middle off days of the Olympic Trials…mark your calendars!)


jacquelyn scofield