Natty Plunkett, a Seattle native, is a beloved member of Oiselle team. She is one of those gals who literally at that soul-crushing 2 mile point of a 5K, while she is racing all out herself, offers words of encouragement to her teammates: "Go get them, Lesko!"... She's crazy like that. Natty has the gentlest spirit and a kind, loyal heart. In HS she was coached by Mindy Leffler, one of our local inspirations, whose first son Aidan was diagnosed with DMD. Natty has for many years been organizing the Run for Aidan to raise funds for Aidan's muscular dystrophy care. We've enjoyed watching her thrive in Albuquerque: hear how she made her transition! We love you, Natty! 


For my first two years on Oiselle Team, I got to know the Nest and our large contingent of Pac NW birds up close and personal. It felt natural to become a Oiselle devotee because I saw Oiselle’s leadership doing work that I could get behind in athletic apparel, business,  women’s distance running, and my local community.

My third year on #OiselleTeam has been very different and my gratitude for this group has intensified. Fresh out of grad school, I wanted to spread my wings (please excuse the bird pun ;) so I moved from my beloved hometown of Seattle to Albuquerque, New Mexico.



Once I decided to transplant from the NW to the SW, I sent a greeting message on Twitter to the only New Mexican bird at that time, Ayesha Sundram. She responded with the friendliness that I have seen so consistently in our team and proceeded to connect me with Gwen, the leader of her ABQ running club of 100 women (www.abqsolesisters.com). No job? No housing? No problem! I’ve got me a running club.

The gracious hospitality continued during my 48 hour whirlwind trip for job interviews in Albuquerque. Ayesha & Gwen let me crash at their homes and invited me to a Sole Sisters group run. Ayesha arranged dinner with a soon-to-be bird (Arlene Espinoza-Armijo) who in turn invited me to the workout of her running club (Duke Track Club) the very next morning. The kindness of my new runner sisters assured me that my leap in to the big unknown would be a rewarding adventure with new friends.


And it’s been just that! My running sisters let me couch surf for a month, connected me with the intentional living community in which I now live, and gave me furniture. First New Year’s, Thanksgiving, and birthday without my Seattle loved ones? Spent those special days laughing, running, and eating with the Dukes and Sole Sisters. The sense of belonging and mutual support that I experience in Albuquerque developed moare quickly and deeply than I could have hoped. I have #sisterhood to thank for that! The #oiselleteam connection with Ayesha and Arlene has blossomed in to vibrant friendships and many workouts shared.

Do like #ProjectLittleWing and pay us a visit in the Land of Enchantment! 

- Natty Plunkett

August 10, 2015 — jacquelyn scofield

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