Blue is strength and trust. It’s also first place – the blue ribbon!

Physiologically, blue is known to be calming, slowing the heart rate, reducing blood pressure.

When I got my first big job in my 20’s, my boss told me that I should wear blue collared shirts when I met with C-level executives because blue equaled trust and confidence. I never liked those blue collared shirts with their awkward buttons and cuffs, but in sports bras… much better!

Blue is so safe, in fact, that I sometimes find it too…well, safe. So at O, we’ve looked for blues that are beyond the primary blue of elementary school. Big Blue is a great example! The hue is huge. Punched up with color and saturation. Big Blue is ready to go big, practically running out the door.

And beautiful, deeply saturated knits take the color exceptionally well. The Ballard Bra in Big Blue or Roga Shorts – both favorites.


The best colors to pair with a bright primary like Big Blue can either be a contrasting color (like red or yellow) or a complementary color – such as Dream! Dream is a soft, beautiful lavender that – while in the pastel realm – holds its own.

One of the things I most like about dream is that it plays in the purple family without being too overpowering. Dream can be paired with lights – for an overall airy look. Or it can be emboldened with Big Blue, Black, or other strong colors.

Big Blue and Dream together are dreamy. Bold and soft. Fast paced – and an easy jog. Easy to wear together, or with many other pairings (whites, neutrals, prints, and more).

My fave combos…


Shade Tank in Dream + Roga Shorts in Big Blue Diamond Print + Ballard Bra in White



White Shade Long Sleeve + Spandos Ikat Ukat Print + Bae Bra in White


Shade Long Sleeve in Dream + Spandos Capris in Wave Print + Spandos Racerback Bra in Wave Print


Flyte Long Sleeve in Violet + Portman Shorts in Big Blue + Spandos Racerback in Onna Print

Or you know… go rogue. Big Blue, Dream, Lavender…they’re ready to heat up, or cool off any run.



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