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The Tenacious10 is fast approaching and speaking of fast, we are thrilled to announce the Oiselle elites who will be making an appearance on race day. 

We're talking BIG names, people! We're coming back even more tenacious in our 2nd year. 





  • Kara Goucher, 10 mile: That's right you heard it here first, we even have video evidence! 
  • Lauren Fleshman, 10k, 7:00 min pacer: Picture it..,THE Lauren Fleshman leading you to a 10k PR
  • Mel Lawrence, 10k: 5th USA's steeplechase, 4th USA's Indoor 3k 
  • Lyndy Davis, 10k: 2020 US Marathon Olympic Trials Qualifier
  • Sabrina Lopez, 10k: 2020 US Marathon Olympic Trials Qualifier
  • Regina Lopez, 10k: 2020 US Marathon Olympic Trials Qualifier
  • Erin Ward (aka Jungle Chicken), 10k: 2008 US Marathon Olympic Trials Qualifier
  • Theresa Hailey, 10k: 2020 US Marathon Olympic Trials Qualifier

NEW this year - we're announcing today that TEN participant race packets will include a Oiselle Golden Ticket ($100 Gift Card). The Golden Tickets will be randomly added to participant packets and eligible for spending upon packet pickup or anytime thereafter - at Oiselle Flagship Store or on Oiselle.com. Will you be the lucky winner? Register now to be eligible! 

And just when you thought this race couldn't get sweeter, it does. Sally wanted to celebrate the fast women of the 10 mile race and is throwing in prize money for that distance as well! The top female finishers will receive $1000 for first, $250 for second, and $125 for third. (More info about the 10k Elite Challenge and prize money here.) Time to woman up!

Whether you’re racing the 10k or 10-mile you're in good fast company, even if they are just a few minutes ahead... So don't forget to REGISTER HERE, spots are filling up fast!



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March 21, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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