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new portman shorts

new portman shorts

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The Portman Shorts were born from our team's love of the Portman Pants, which were born from our love of moto detailing - and women athletes who own the road. While these shorts may be short, they are not small. They are large and in charge, whether that's an easy run, long slow distance, or power squats. Plus pockets of course!

- Nyelle™ Compression (90% nylon / 10% spandex)
- front + back zip pockets
- Wing Waistband
- pintuck detailing
- 1.75" inseam (all sizes)

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Average Rating:
11 reviews

true to size

true to size
  • Kapaa, Hawaii
  • 41
  • 5'6

ride way up

These are cute on and work well for Crossfit,but i bought them for running and racing. Every 200 meters or so I have to pull them down. Constantly riding up. I'll stick with my mac rogas for running :)

  • style
  • ride up
little bit loose
  • Indiana
  • 34
  • 5'8"

So close!!!

For reference: Hips currently 37"; (normally 36"). I ordered and kept a 4.
I am so close to absolutely loving these. Here are my thoughts:
Love the overall style. And the color options.
In general I'm glad I sized down. I might consider trying a 2 next time.
I experience a higher rise in the front vs. back, which translates to excess fabric in the front (Not something I encounter with bottoms). Obviously not a deal breaker because I kept them. :) Is be fine with the overall rise being either the front or the back. Great coverage.
The gusset is farther back than I'd like. Sizing down miiiiight help with this a tiny bit. Fitting the shape/pattern to a human-shape would help, as lying flat they look perfectly symmetric and such, but that's not how bodies tend to be.
Seams are kinda scratchy. Material itself is not.
Seams at leg openings bind a little. They tend to roll rather than ride up. Possibly more of a problem if I size down.
I think that binding and rolling leg openings would be remedied with a knit that is a bit thicker/more substantial. I can't speak with experience about hemming and stitching, but maybe a wider hem?? Wider hem + less stretchy or more substantial knit that matches the stretch of the seam = consistent compression from body to leg opening...?
Keep the fabric composition!!! 90% poly/10% spandex means they will last. Trust me on this. I swam for my university and know lots about stretchy fabrics that hold up to harsh conditions. ;)
Pockets are incredible. I adore the placement. Shorts are great for yoga since I don't end up lying on a lumpy zipper!! They fit my iPhone 6+ no prob.
I can't fit my hand in the pocket to reach all the way to the back. If I had lsd trail run supplies in them it would be really tricky to get the last gel or my car key out of the bottom.
So close!! (Oiselle, if you would like me to test out any updated versions, I am more than happy to!! ;) That's how bad I want these to be THE short for me!) I apologize for the lengthy review!!

  • Style, pocket size and placement, fabric composition, inseam.
  • Seams, leg hem, rise different front to back, gusset position.
little bit loose
  • Illinois
  • 36
  • 5'4"
  • more than 1 year(s)


These might be my favorite Oiselle shorts ever. I love Rogas. But I wanted something more form fitting and with some more pockets. I love the pockets on these shorts! I can fit my iPhone in them with no problem! And there is also room to put my key and snack in them. They do ride up a tiny bit, but I just don't care. I've never had the courage to run in tighter and shorter shorts in my life until I bought these! I feel fast and confident when I wear them. I love the length, they are short but not too short.

  • pockets and length
  • more colors please
little bit loose
  • New York
  • 42
  • 5'4"

They ride up

They ride or roll up. A lot! Not just a little. The feelm of the fabric and the design is nice, but that is about it. The pockets with zippers don't fit a whole lot.

  • Fabric and look
  • They roll up!
true to size
  • Idaho
  • 50
  • 5'4

So much YES

I bought these at a running shop the day before a marathon and didn't know the pockets were so big and unique til I got them home. I took a risk and wore them on race day and they did disappoint. No riding, chafing or drooping- and it did not feel like I was carrying a ton of stuff. I wear a size 4 in other bottoms and here as well

  • Fit and function
true to size
  • Canada
  • 42


These shorts are THE BOMB. I went out on a limb purchasing them, because I don't normally go with this short of an inseam, but goodness these are SO FLATTERING, and comfortable as well. These are definitely going to be my summer running go-to shorts. I have muscular thighs, and I wasn't sure these would look great but they look AMAZING. I want ALL THE COLOURS. I wear a loose size 8 in Rogas (but could probably wear a 6) and ordered the 6 in these - they fit perfectly.

  • So flattering, short but not too short
  • Nothing.
true to size
  • 37
  • 5'1"

Wanted to love these...

I wanted to love these so much. The style is cute, fabric is great, but they rode up SO MUCH. It was very uncomfortable and I felt like I had to keep pulling them down every second of my run. Really disappointed.

true to size
  • Atlanta
  • 42
  • 5'2"

Best Marathon Shorts Ever.

With a little trepidation, I swapped out my normal LLLLR / marathon shorts of choice (toolbelt roga, natch) for the portman short last weekend. They were PERFECT. The huge pocket in front and back means you don't have ALL the junk in the trunk and your shorts don't fall down until you've eaten all that gu. Plus, super flattering. Win. Win. Win. (And PR.)

  • pockets, fit, style, length
true to size
  • Portland
  • 28
  • 5'3

They rode up on me...

I like these shorts but man, are they supposed to ride up so much?? I felt like I was wearing bundies! Perhaps I have the wrong size? I wear a 4 in the jogging knickers but when I tried on the 4 in these they were too tight so I got the 6. Love to hear some other ladies experiences!

  • Flattering style until you start running in them
  • They ride up
true to size
  • Portland
  • 27
  • 5'7"

Very Flattering Fabric

Love the portman shorts! I usually wear the stride shorts mini (size 4) --these are great for running outside and hitting the track! The portman shorts (4) are a little more covering and better for the gym---less revealing, but still shows off the legs. I like the higher rise band becasue its super soft and comfortable--doesn't cut into your stomach either.

I think these would be great for yoga too. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Comfortable fabbirc! Makes your butt look GREAT
true to size

too short

these were a little too short. seemed longer in the picture, but the 3" kind of rode up a bit, at least on me, and although they fit nicely, i would have liked if they were an teensy bit longer.

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