City Runcation

Jun 02, 2015

Sarah Mac

Summer is all about vacation or you might say, runcation. Lacing up your running shoes is the perfect way to explore a new place (or favorite destination). And when packing light is the name of the game it's best to pack styles that go from morning miles to evening dinner. Each week in June we'll be laying out a runcation destination and packing list. First up: City Runcation! We played tourist in our own city, Seattle. Come along!



On The Line Tee
Layer Love Tank 
Wings Out Sweatshirt
Stripped Tank
Verrazano Bra
Runway Bra
Strapless Bra 
Mac Roga
Flyte Shorts 
Meter Tights
Running shoes 
Touring shoes
Black Flatforms or Heels 

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Touring your runcation city destination early in the morning or in the evening is a great way to avoid crowds and see the city in a completely different light. Seattle insider tip: Pike Place Market is jam packed all day but just before the stalls open and right after they close you can have the market all to yourself. Plan a run loop through the (nearly) empty Pike Place. You'll only need to watch out for the occasional sidewalk washer. Also note the restrooms will be closed, so plan ahead. 

The Mac Rogas are incredibly fast drying, so to save carry on space plan on giving them a rinse in the sink and line drying. They will be dry well before your next run. Also the Flyte Seamless Running Shorts are antimicrobial. Just rinse and line dry, or just line dry after an easy run, and wear those a second time too. Two pairs of shorts, four runs. 

Plan ahead and wear your On the Line Tee out for drinks one night and pull on the next day for your run. Two looks, easy! 


After your morning run it's time to play tourist! Pull on the super comfy and versatile Layer Love Tank, with Wings Out Sweatshirt as a morning layer. Meter Tights will take you from day to night with a quick top and shoe change. Be sure to pack comfortable shoes for walking. The fashion world keeps insisting that normcore has jumped the shark, but I have yet to see the actual evidence. Plus you're a tourist! Embrace your Birkenstocks! 


Seattle insider tip: the gum wall is both mesmorizing and disgusting. Grab a piece of bubble gum and hit Post Alley on the south side of Pike Place. You can leave your mark on the city forever! 


All the tops on the City Runcation packing list are happy hour friendly! But the real run to fun stand out is the Stripped Tank (paired with the Meter Tights). Be sure to pack a nude strapless bra to take this tank out on the town. Add a pair of flatforms to elevate your look without hurting your feet. Runners can't get away with too many hours in stiletos. Plantar friendly flatforms and stacked heels are your friend. 



Next week join us on a Mountain Runcation getaway! From trail running to brewery tours, we'll have your ultimate packing list and insider tips for visiting Bend, OR. 





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