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Swim 2015 landed last Friday! Fresh new hues and patterns ready for action. Come behind the scenes on this year's photoshoot. It was a bright, hot, sunny day in Seattle on May 21st, and we finally hit a perfect day of weather after a streak of bad photoshoot luck. 

Two Oiselle Team speedsters were on set modeling: the incomparable Lauren Fleshman Flyer and Jessica Barnard, steepler for the Phiippines National Team and recently announced to our Haute Volée! With strong and talented runner models, and our dream team of photographer, stylist and photo assistants, we couldn't have asked for more!


Kara Goucher dubbed the hair blower the Beyoncé fan when she modeled in studio earlier this season. The name has stuck. You know it's on when Bey shows up.  



Casual pool side walking...with lighting crew, photog and lingering director. 



Ladders, ladders and more ladders. 


That lip gloss sizzle for the homepage lawn chair shot. I love, love how this one turned out. 



Wrong birds! Had to bounce a couple ducks.


Little did we know but both Jess and Lauren can backflip like NBD. Raising the bar for all future swim shoots and a great test of the suits. Result: no budge. These bikinis and tankini are ready to play hard.

Check out all the swim styles, we're so excited to hear what you think! And if you want more story behind the style Sally talks inspiration and design process behind Oiselle Swim Styles.


June 02, 2015 — sarah

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