No way around it, the 26.2 is a big deal. It’s a long way. And it’s a lot of work.

"What do I wear for the marathon?" is a big question. And while Oiselle has a FULL line of tops, bottoms, bras, accessories, there are definitely those winning styles that the experienced marathoners reach for again and again.

I wanted to know for sure - so I popped over to our team app last week and asked the women what they love most. In other words, these are the winners. The styles that have proven they can go the distance, again and again.

There’s nothing that beats that fast feeling of a crop. Plus, a lot of teammates appreciate the climate control. Our Blackbird Crop and 2020 Runway Crops are quite supportive, up to a C and some D cups. In addition to the compressive outer layer, there is an internal bra with removable cups. Also available in The Team Shop.

Flyout HoverFit™ is hands down a long-distance winner. Its unique knit structure disperses sweat away from the body and into the air. It is ultra-lightweight, soft and cloud-like. Available in lots of different styles, including the Flyout Long Sleeve (with Watch Window), the Flyout Short Sleeve, the Flyout Tank, the Flyout Wool Long Sleeve (with Watch Window), the Flyout Wool Short Sleeve, and the updated Flyout Wool Tank (designed to work with Hydration Packs).

The love of the long-distance runner. The shorts that changed the game, and continue to win in terms of the best bottom for longer runs. The wide waistband, the center back zip pocket (big enough for smart phones), the waistband mesh pockets for gels or small items like lip balm, and the two large side pockets. All made in Nyelle, our soft, compressive, gets-better-with-time super fabric.

Rogas are the shorts that started it all. A favorite, for their cooling, stretchy (but not flimsy), durable style. A few years ago, we elevated them to marathon status by creating the toolbelt versions. Now the Toolbelt Rogas and Mac Toolbelt Rogas are favorites for the marathon, with a 360-degree waistband design that includes a secure zip pocket, as well as easy access mesh pockets on the sides and front.

A favorite - for its fit and function. The Flyout Bra is quite supportive, including some of our D cup customers. Its compression comes from Power Plya, as well as strong, compressive inner layers. A wide chest band keeps it secure on the body. And the large pocket at the center back makes it ideal for carrying a phone, but keeping it away from your hard-working legs.

It’s the little things. The hat that keeps the sun off your face, or can fold up and go in your waistband. Or it’s the tall compressive socks that support your muscles while giving you that go-time style. The Runner Trucker Hat and Tall Bird Socks are called out as favorites by the marathoning women because they work hard and look good.

Have questions about what to wear for the 26.2, or any distance? We’re always here to help. Email us at hello@ for questions and answers.

Brenda Alvarez
Tagged: Racing Style