Round two snuck up fast because these ladies have so much good info! If you missed Ask a Master - Round 1, give it a read for expert advice from Oiselle masters women. Now for round 2: the quick round.

Oiselle Masters Women:
Susan Empey (45)
Jenny Hitchings (51)
Sarah Lesko (45)
Allie Bigelow (41)
Regina Joyce (57)
Marti Riemer (45)
Jen Found (44)
Kristin Metcalf (41)
Sally Bergesen (46)

How many days per week do you cross-train?  
Susan: 2-3 days I cross-train, but I still run 5-6 days a week too.
Jenny: Eeeek, barely any. I tend to do spin classes 2 x week when I'm recovering from marathons or big races. I tell myself weekly that I need to cross-train.
Lesko: Should do 2-3. Now averaging 1-2.
Allie: At least 3, often 4. But only 1 to 2 days of exclusive cross-training. All swimming.
Regina: I try to incorporate strength training 3 to 4 times per week. Generally don't bike or elliptical unless I can't run.
Marti: Depends on the season, but generally, I run 3-4 days a week and cross train 3 days a week.
Jen: Do naps count? I don’t cross-train.
Kristin: 2
Sally: None


Average recovery run pace?
Susan: 7:45-8:30 / mile
Jenny: 7:10-7:20 (Too fast, I'm sure.)
Lesko: 8-8:30 (9 minutes when I'm by myself and slave to my heart rate monitor.)
Allie: Um, too fast. 7:15-ish on the road, 7:40 treadmill.
Regina: My recovery and long run pace is 9-10 minute pace! Yikes!! never thought I'd run that slow! But using heart rate monitor, that's where I need to be!
Marti: 8-8:20 mile
Jen: 8:15-8:30
Kristin: 8:20
Sally: 8-8:30


Average miles per week running?
Susan: During marathon training, 60-70 miles.  When not training for a marathon, will probably be 50ish.
Jenny: 55-60 miles (in 6 days)
Lesko: 30-55 miles (I haven't figured out my sweet spot.)
Allie: 50 miles
Regina: Not sure, as I go by minutes not miles. Approximately 40 miles per week.
Marti: 26 miles
Jen: 40-50 miles
Kristin: 25-30 miles
Sally: No idea. Maybe 35 miles?


Average hours sleep per night?
Susan: 7 hours per night.  But 8 if I'm really tired.
Jenny: 8 hours
Lesko: 9-10. I'm a sleep fiend. 
Allie: 7 hours
Regina: 8-10 currently but that may change when I get back to Seattle.. try for at least 8
Marti: As much as possible, generally 8 hours.
Jen: 9-10 hours
Kristin: 9 hours
Sally: 8-9 hours


Do you use heart rate training? (yes/no)
Susan: Yes
Jenny: No
Lesko: Yes! It's depressing because my heart rate goes SO HIGH doing everything.
Allie: No
Regina: Yes...have done so for over 5 years.
Marti: Yes!
Jen: Yes, then no. (Tried it for a while).
Kristin: No
Sally: No


Who is your masters idol? 
Susan: Well, that's tough because there are several I respect for different reasons.  Being a marathoner, it's impossible not to have huge admiration for Deena Kastor, not only for her speed but also because she's a great ambassador for the sport.  Sheri Piers also amazes me because she races long frequently and is consistently faster than I could ever dream of.  And locally (and nationally for that matter), Gwen Lapham is amazing.  She works full time, has young twins to raise, and still manages to run really fast, often going head to head with very fast much younger women.
Jenny: I don't really have an idol, but I really respect and look up to any woman over 40 who puts in the time, energy,  and determination into their running, and then exceeds expectations of their age and kicks the open women's butts! (Of course Joan Benoit, Colleen De Rueck, Meghan Arboghast, Deena Kastor)
Lesko: All of you Oiselle masters. Nothing more inspiring than seeing excellence close up and every day.
Allie: Lorraine Young, local masters badass. And Catherine Watkins. Holy speedsters!
Regina: I try not to idolize anyone. but the woman in history I respect as a masters was a woman I watched racing in England as I grew up.. Joyce Smith was one of Britain's top women in her later 30's (first runner I knew who raced after having children - in the 70's).. she made the British Olympic team in the marathon in 1984 at age 46 and placed 12th. She ran under 2:30 in the marathon in her mid- late 40's.. back in the early 80's.
Jen: Regina Joyce and Carmen Ayala-Troncoso (2 of the most bad-ass master's women of all times!)

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