Kristin Metcalf

A couple weeks ago we all saw Oiselle Team Elite runner Kara Foster rock the 5k at the Penn Relays, finishing first in a PR time of 15:54.66. Many of you know her stats, have followed her races, but sometimes it is the day to day of an Elite runner that raises our curiosity the most. What does their normal day look like, what are their secrets, what are the little things that they do to make themselves better, how do they relax, how do they have fun, etc. This week Kara gives us a glimpse into her day to day and where she lives and trains. 

A Day in the Life of Kara Foster:

It was a Wednesday and I woke up to take the trash out at 8am.  I got back inside and Zina, my cat, persuaded me to go back to bed for another half hour.          


Zina the cat_0.jpg

Around 8:45 I hopped out of bed and into the shower.  The rest of the morning was spent on eating breakfast and doing the laundry and dishes. I rushed out the door at 11:45 for an appointment with my jaw physical therapist.  That’s right, I do jaw PT.  Every time I chew my jaw clicks and it drives Ryan, my husband, crazy.  Anyway, they have me do all these mouth exercises and put electric stimulation and heat on my face!


Kara at pt.jpg


After PT, I went home to grab my stuff for practice! Here's a little video of where my day goes from here. So, I hope you enjoy it!


Watch for Kara at USA Championship in Des Moines, Iowa in the 10k June 20th!  #oiselleteamUSA