Kristin Metcalf

With the New Year fresh in our minds, anticipation and excitement are always a part of our emotions. What will this year bring? As runners and athletes we tend to re-evaluate our goals at this time of the year. We look ahead to what we want to accomplish over the course of the year and jot down dreams and baby steps to get there.

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However, for about 18 of our 40 Haute Volée women, they are in fact on the edge of their dreams: getting ready for the Olympic Trials Marathon in just over 5 weeks. And then we have 16 other of our Haute Volée who are just getting started with indoor track season! They are beginning the gradual build-up in their racing seasons with the end goal of being in prime shape for the Track and Field Olympic Trials in early July. As so it begins, one exciting race weekend after another. For all of those super track fans out there the next question that comes to mind is: who and what do we have to look forward to at the oval office? Here's the next month at a glance for our Haute Volée tracksters.

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1/16: University of Washington Preview Meet – Seattle, WA
Jessica Barnard – Mile and 800m
Dominique Jackson – 1000m and 600m
Kate Grace – 3k
Megan Rolland – 3k
Lauren Wallace – 3k


1/23: New Balance Games – New York, NY
Lauren Wallace

1/23: Ottawa Winter National Capital Invitational
Sasha Gollish – 1000 and 600m

1/29-1/30: University of Washington Classic – Seattle, WA
Jess Barnard – Mile and 800m
Jamie Cheever - Mile
Kate Grace – Mile
Marisa Howard – 5k
Dominique Jackson – Mile
Collier Lawrence – 3k
Mel Lawrence – 3k


1/30: Camel City Elite Races – Salem, NC

2/5-2/6: Armory Track Invitational – New York, NY
Sasha Gollish

2/13: University of Washington Husky Classic
Jess Barnard 3k
Jamie Cheever 3k
Sasha Gollish 3k
Jordan Hamric 3k


2/13-2/14: BU David Hemery Valentine Invitational – Boston, MA

2/20: Alex Wilson Invitational – South Bend, IN

2/20: NYRR Millrose Games - New York, NY