When sending an e-giftcard, the message matters. Make your e-giftcard memorable with help from your friend, Jungle Chicken.

1. Yep! Still childless! Thanks for asking.

2. Lay off the eggnog, Mom!

3. It's NOT just a phase!

4. Yes, it is ONLY three cats. Emphasis on the ONLY.

5. My 2016 favorite cheeses of 2016.

6. This is my real hair color.

7. Someone spiked my drink! And that someone was ME!

8. I finally have an official diagnosis.

9. Oiselle empowered me, so I “woman-ed up.” Blame them!

10. How much wine would a wino whine if a wino could whine wine?

11. There is no hard evidence.

12. The title of my new country album: “She left me, broke my heart, and took the truck… but I got the treadmill!

Happy Holidays!

- JC