When the temps heat up, sometimes we want running shorts with a little less running. A pair of shorts for strolling and standing and going about a warm weather life. And so we made the Track Fan Shorts. Made from our Roga stretch woven, they're designed for leisure. The front is flat and flattering, with no elastic in the front panel. The sides and rear are gently elasticized. At the sides, are two large pockets, perfect for a phone, keys, snacks, what have you. Bonus: Roga fabrics are swass busters. Just like our running shorts, sweat is dispersed and not visible. Function is fashion!

- Roga Stretch Woven fabric (polyester / spandex)
- large side pockets
- elastic rear waist for comfort and fit
- 3" inseam (all sizes)

Customer Reviews

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Super Cute

I wear these shorts with the matching print in the AVIARY HALF ZIP TANK. Together, they make such a cute set!.

Exactly what I was looking for...

2021 has been quite the doozy of a year for me. After being misdiagnosed for a condition that has been plaguing me for YEARS, I finally received the correct diagnosis and treatment my body so badly needed. While I can feel the improvements in my health, the new medication I have been taking has caused one uncomfortable and unsightly side effect: terrible abdominal bloat. And finding a comfortable pair of shorts to cover up this bloat has not been fun. But I can say with confidence that these Track Fan shorts are exactly what I need. I can even say with confidence that these Track Fan shorts will continue to be exactly what I need once I am done with treatment and my body returns back to its normal size. I have these in PNW and the color is gorgeous! Now I just have to decide which color to buy next...decisions, decisions.

Karen K.

These shorts are so freaking comfy! They are light and airy and fit under my pregnant belly! I love the side pockets as they are large enough to hold my phone, sunglasses, keys! They are great for galavanting around hot weather places. I did manage to put a hole in them when I brushed up against some concrete while adventuring this week -- so they are a bit fragile. I am going to get a "nice" pair and save the one with the hole for future adventures. LOL.

Fun s.

Such cool shirts! Any chance you can make a longer version of these? It’s just a little to close to the lady parts sitting down. Maybe 4 - 5 inch version would be helpful!

Lindsey C.
Favorite shorts to wear around daily!!!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this pair of shorts! They remind me of the Patagonia barely baggies but so much softer and more comfortable. The waist band is so flattering across your stomach and isn’t tight and doesn’t make you pouch at all. They are just the right length that you feel modest and everything is covered without feeling like an old lady. I feel like they fit true to size and wear it in my usual 4 but you could size down if you wanted them to be super fired and tight. They are just a little loose on me but not in a bad way, they just don’t show every detail of my butt which I would prefer. I am 5’6” and weight around 126 for reference.

Love them

Oiselle, please offer these shorts in more colors! I'd love to see this in indigo, black, and other colors. I bought the PNW, a pretty teal green, in size 8. The size was spot on for me, as I generally wear a Medium in Oiselle and most brands.

I've only worn them once but I was really happy with the comfort and how cool they kept me on a walk. I plan on buying more, but really want to see this in other colors!

Wish sizing for larger bodies reflected differences in body shapes

I want so badly to love these shorts, but like most Oiselle shorts, design features that really don’t affect the fit for smaller bodies just become unflattering in the larger sizes (at least on my body). I have a larger booty and thicker thighs, but a smaller waist, which means most of the time Oiselle shorts fit too big in the waist and too small in the hips/thighs. I’ve been able to find a few pairs of shorts that fit my body well enough, but most of the time I get this awkward bunching in the front area and a too tight fit in the thighs.

I wouldn’t mind too much with these shorts, but since they don’t have a drawstring or any way to tighten the waist, if I were to size up to get a better fit in the thighs, the waist would be falling down. Sigh. Other aspects I’m less than thrilled about - the elastic in the back is only sewed in at the ends, so it easily twists around. Also, I would love if they were just like 1/2-1 in longer to fully cover the area of my thighs that tend to chafe.

Overall, if I had my college runner body still, I’d love these shorts so much. But with the fit and lack of drawstring, they fall short. They are super comfortable though and look good despite the weird bunching, so I’ve decided to keep them anyway. Hoping for a future version that has some of the changes I’ve mentioned! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Mallory W.
PERF in every way.

I was hesistant at first by the look and feel of them.. however they stole my thighs and waist the second I put em on. The size was true to my fitting. They are perfect for all workouts but I wear them on all my long run speed days. I have used them to shove goos on the side pocket and somehow (I don't understand how) the goos actually stay in the pockets! More importantly they are comfortable around my waist, i can't stand really tight shorts around my waist and these are loose enough to wear they aren't squeezing my stomach/guts/diaphragm but not too loose, like when you have to keep pulling your shorts up. They are just right. Love these and am purchasing another one right after I finish writing this review. :)

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