More is more when it comes to hidden pockets. And why have one pocket, when you can have three? This design provides plenty of coverage, and run-ready support, with a wide, stable chestband. And when it comes to pockets, you can choose the large center front pocket, with a double layer of Plya™ Interlock, or two small side mesh pockets that are ideal for smaller items such as card keys or lip balm. In the rear, a wide racerback panel is given even more support via two outside straps that help stabilize and disperse pressure.

Featured inOutside's Winter Buyer's Guide as part of the Best Women’s Running Gear of 2021.

- Plya Interlock Compression (polyester / spandex)
- large front pocket
- small mesh pocket under each underarm
- racerback silhouette bra with supporting straps
- removable cups
- compression level: 2 
- constructed with Bluesign Approved Fabrics

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Favorite bra for race day

No need to bag check on race day with the Pockito!

I don’t experience the issues with phone bounce that other women have reported, but that might be due to my body dimensions and phone dimensions (iPhone12, 34B). Love the strap design and color options, too!

Can’t Have Too Many

As someone with autism, who has quite a few sensory issues, I can’t recommend this bra enough. I wear headphones almost all the time to drown out surrounding sound. I’ve always shoved my phone in my bra so I can walk around hands-free. But, phone in bra can lead to sweaty phone, and phones don’t like sweat, and I don’t like a wet phone. With this bra? It’s no longer an issue! The front pocket fits my phone well.
I also love that this bra offers full coverage, removable cups, and a snug fit. I like to wear compressive clothing (again, for sensory reasons), and I forget about this bra while I’m wearing it.
While I don’t find the bra compressive enough to run in (I like to be locked in, with zero bounce), I do find it works well for light activity (walking, yoga, elliptical, etc.).
I think I own 6 of them at this point, and I plan to buy more.

Kathlern D.
Not the Gifted Verrazano

I have bought this bra and pretty much every other Oiselle bra to replace the Gifted Verrazano. to no avail. The GV had great compression, no cleavage, wide shoulder straps that distributed weight, and the armholes were cut closely under the armpits to prevent spillage (Im a 32/A). I feel that Oiselle has expanded its bra collection to emphasize fashion over function. This current bra is too long for me, but more importantly has poor compression and rougher fabric. This company used to cater to the needs of runners; now, it caters to fashion whims

whitney b.
The best

I'm just trying to figure out why I would ever wear a bra without a pocket again?! Truly, shorts pockets are great, but putting my phone in my shorts makes them look bulky, or even ride down. This bra is perfect for my runs where I want to have my phone but don't want to bring a pack or carry it. I also love it for biking and hiking. I have this bra in two colors and also the Fly Out bra, and I like this one just a bit more because it's easier to access the front pocket and a little bit more stylish.

I agree with others; size up if you are between sizes.

Chelsea S.
Perfect Bra

This is my favorite bra that I have ever owned. Previously, I would shove my phone into my sports bra to carry it on my runs. The pocket on this is an immense improvement and holds my phone perfectly for me. I don't even have to take it out of the phone case for it to fit. Besides having a great spot for my phone, the bra is very comfortable, while also being supportive (but I'm small chested so I don't need much support). My only complaint would be the colors. I bought one of each because it's my favorite bra to run in, but I am not a fan of how any of them actually look. I wish they sold this bra in the beautiful colors that some of the other bras come in! I am a 36 A and I bought the size 8. I normally would not think that would be the right size, so I'm very glad that I consulted the size chart before ordering.

Lovely fabric and fun yellow

The fabric of this bra is so comfortable and the yellow color is bright and fun (also good for safety!). My phone isn't as secure in the front pocket as it is in the flyout bra, but it's not a huge problem. The circumference of the band is slightly larger (or it has more give) than the flyout bra, which I like. The shoulders are a bit longer than the flyout bra (or stretchier) and it doesn't feel as secure on me anyway (I'm a 34D and wear a 4 in this and flyout). If there could be a baby produced from the flyout and pockito, it would be perfect!

oh boy, is this tight!

I'm 5'4", 120 lbs and wear a 36a. I bought this in a size 6 my usual size), and Gosh Almighty does it fit tight even with my smallish breasts! I was really surprised by this because the other reviews say it fits large. I appreciate the compression, but it is a bit much for me, felt like my breathing would be restricted. I think a size 8 would be too big because it otherwise fits me. I do love the phone pocket and how securely it holds the phone. I'll keep it as maybe after some washes, it will loosen its grip.

Bevin J.
Phone in front reduces support

I have both the Pockito and the Flyout and I’m 100% team Flyout. I’m smaller chested and typically don’t have support or bounce issues, but having the phone in front definitely gives me problems with both. I do have a slightly wider than average space between my breasts. It’s something that I thought would work in my favor for this bra but it may be what’s throwing the fit off. The narrow shoulder bands are also too long for me (5’3”) so they gape a bit and don’t seem to be adding to the support equation.