Lux Yeti Snuggle Suit


Color: Douglas Fir/Spruce

Why should kids have all the fun? It's time to reclaim the spirit of snuggling, made easier with this Lux Yeti Snuggle Suit. Made of the wonder fabric that is Heavy Lux, the suit is everything you want for maximum lounging: a generous cut, an exceptional fabric, and clever design. The full front zip makes it easy to take on and off, and the leg openings give you the option of wearing your snuggle suit out on the town. Temps dropping super low? Wear it under the Katron Yeti for the Double Yeti Experience.


• Front zip opening with button closure at neck
• Ribbed elastic at wrist and ankle
• 28" inseam (size small)


• Heavy Lux fabric (polyester / spandex)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I love this snuggle suit. The material is so soft and the seam’s are small
So you can’t feel them . It’s also not to hot. If you like snuggle suits this one is a good one.

Vivian S.
The Perfect Garment

When the winter head-to-toe suit got too warm, this one appeared - soft, snuggly, makes you look presentable in the house while being maximally comfy. If I could design great clothing items, I would design this thing exactly,


First of all, The fabric is amazing! Unfortunately the neckline and snap are kind of unbearable, especially for someone with sensory issues. The fit is ok I guess… I have a long torso, so shoulder to crotch length is tricky for me, but I have never had an issue with torso length in a onesie until this one. It is too short in the torso, and extremely baggy in the hip area. It’s so odd. All of that I am able to basically overlook since this is something I was only planning on lounging around the house in. However- THERE ARE NO POCKETS!!! This is an unforgivable sin in my opinion. It’s inexcusable, honestly. This should have never been approved in the design process. I have to wear a robe or cardigan over this JUST for the ability to have a pocket, which totally defeats the purpose of this being an easy lazy-day garment.
This was sent to me as a birthday gift, so I can’t return it. I would have personally NEVER purchased this item had I known there were no pockets.

Lux is my favorite fabric ever!

I really like my Lux Yeti, the fabric is delish and even though I have a 33" inseam, the medium fits me in the inseam. A few things I would change: I would like more space in the neck area with the snap removed as it's tighter than I'd like making the snap pointless and to add pockets. Best fabric on the market! Thanks Oiselle!