Long Track Star Shorts

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Our best-selling two-in-one shorts now in a longer length! Like its shorter sibling, instead of a traditional running shorts liner, the base layer is Plya Compression long shorts, with the semi-fitted layer over the top. The waistband is our classic flat and pocketed design, but the side pockets are the true breakthrough. The side leg pockets, with the opening on the outside, are attached to the compression bottom underneath, rather than the outer layer. The result: when moving or running, objects in the side pockets stay secure against your leg vs. bouncing around. Power to the pockets... and the long shorts!


• Infinity drawcord
• Rear zip pocket
• Interior attached compression shorts
• Side leg pockets
• 4.5" shorts inseam
• 5.5" compression short inseam


• Roga Stretch Woven (polyester / spandex)
• Plya Interlock waistband (polyester / spandex)

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At Oiselle, our vision is to help all women feel strong and free through the joy of running. Our mission is to design great product, build the sisterhood, and improve the sport. May we all experience the transformative power of sports and community.

Customer Reviews

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Runs large

I’m a huge fan of the normal version of these shorts that don’t appear to exist anymore (😭), so I thought I would get a pair of this long version before it too disappeared. In all other Oiselle bottoms I am a size 4, but that was way too big on these and I ended up exchanging for a size 2. That still feels a little too large (especially compared to the nice snug feeling I get from a size 4 of the non-long version), but I kept it because it doesn’t get any smaller and I pretty much live in the standard version 3/4 of the year.

I don’t use them for running very often, but does the job of keeping my iPhone 14 mini in the side pockets throughout the day as long as I’m not going too crazy, and the mini will fit in the zippered pocket in the back when I need it more secure (I have a very minimal case on mine). Wish they would bring back the shorter version though, those were perfect (and kept my phone more secure in the side pocket)!

Alright but can't hold items in the pockets

I am 5'3" and 118lbs. I normally wear an XS in athleta compression leggings but a 4 or S in most other pants. I own a pockito bra in 4 that fits perfectly.

The concept of the short is great; however, the thin drawstring and loose compression inner short makes it miss the mark. The size 4 was way too large for me, and the 2 fits but offers no compression. If I struggle really hard I can tie the infinity drawstring tight enough that my pants won't fall down with my phone in it. The inner short material is very stretchy and gives a barely-there feeling but because it is so slick, will definitely slide down you if you are trying to carry water and a phone (which is what I had hoped I could do). Although my phone will fit in the side pocket, it is not secure enough for running (I have a pixel 8). The back pocket works well, but again, because of the thin drawstring, it's not exactly comfortable to run with for long distances.

I would really like to try the pocket shorts but since the sizing for these ones were so off, I'm afraid they would not fit properly.

To illustrate how stretchy these pants are, I have included a photo of me with a standard can of corn so you can see how stretchy the material is. I will say that they are very comfortable by themselves, but I bought this so I could have places to put stuff during my race.

If Oiselle wants me to help them troubleshoot their design, I would be happy to test an updated version and provide my feedback. I also have a race coming up in July so if you could fix these shorts between now and then, that would be amazing.


5'11" comfortable fit.


The phone pocket just barely fits my iPhone 14 pro with a case on it, but it does fit and keeps it snug while I’m running around the house chasing the kids. On an actual run, these were great, no chaffing thanks to the tight shorts layer. I’m 5’5” and about 130/135lbs and the 4 fits me well.