In 2013, Oiselle signed Lauren Fleshman as a pro athlete when she was pregnant. Although unprecedented in the sponsorship world, it seemed like the perfectly obvious choice for us. We also sponsored Stephanie Bruce through her 2nd pregnancy, and have supported many other elite athletes through their pregnancies and returns!

In 2019, #DreamMaternity and the revelations made by Alysia Montano and Allyson Felix via the NYT brought new light to how pregnant athletes were mistreated in pro running.

We became an &Mother sponsor in early 2021. Oiselle and &Mother have employed a top employment rights attorney, Cynthia Calvert, to create a set of boilerplate pro athlete contract clauses that will protect mothers and parents. The intent of these contracts is that they are available for ANY brand, agent, athlete to adopt. Ultimately, we knew better contracts weren't going to write themselves, so it was time to be explicit - and public! Please feel free to use these resources!

Model Sponsorship Contract Provisions for Pregnancy and Parental Leave
Sample provisions that can be used directly or modified as needed.

Overview for Sponsors
Explanation of provisions and essential elements of support.

Best Practices for Supporting and Accommodating Pregnant and Parenting Athletes
Additional information on how to create an inclusive and supportive environment for athlete parents

Frequently Asked Questions