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Runners. Mark your calendar, grab your Garmin and get ready for our first annual race on Pinterest: Yeti style. With our latest and greatest in French Fleece history about to debut on oiselle.com, we're holding a race...no, not your average road race or Fall marathon. This race is between four fierce competitors to win the grand prize of all four colors in the Yeti to gift as they wish. AKA: if they win, you may win too! 


Blue Boom Dizzle: Straight from the kitchens of Picky Bars #inBend, Blue Boom Dizzle ain’t your average 'blue friendly giant'. She’s known to live life in the fast lane and always bring her "A" game.


Go Go Kate: Trust us, they don't call her Fast Kate for nothing. Built for speed and endurance, she's known to creep up from behind and breeze past you at the finish. 


Pink Power: Don’t let the cuteness fool you, Pink Power is packed with speed. Known around The Nest as Feather Stephens, she will hands-down crush you in a 5K...we dare you to try.


Little Red JJ: Small but mighty, this 24/7 tweeter sends out more than just chirps, you’ll hear her ROAR.


How to Play
The race will take place Tuesday, November 11th on Pinterest. Gun goes off at 8am Pacific. 

  1. Follow @oiselle on Pinterest
  2. Go to Yeti, Set, Go | Contest board and repin your favorite Yeti(s). 
  3. Enter by 5pm Pacific 

*note: Yetis will be up on Pinterest at 8am Pacific on 11/11...no false start here. 

Who Wins?
The Yeti racer with the most repins at 5pm Pacific wins! The winner will get all four Yeti styles to do with them what they wish. Racers, consider this your holiday shopping done early. But since you’re all fierce competitors, we have a special surprise for every participant. We’re launching the Yeti on oiselle.com at the finish! With a special 24-hour surprise you won’t want to miss. Are you ready? #getyeti

The Yetis have now launched on oiselle.com! See all Yeti styles in our French Fleece Collection

jacquelyn scofield