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why do you run?

May 18, 2012


So now that we've all shared why we run, we'd love to hear why you do. Maybe it's something you've already asked yourself, maybe you haven't, but whether you have a day, a run, or 3 minutes to ask and attempt to answer the BIG question, we'd love to see/hear why.

We'll add any photos to the #runlove album and everyone who takes on the challenge will be entered to win the new Big Run Tee (3 winners chosen on Monday 5/21)
Where to share
Twitter - @oiselle with #runlove
Facebook - On the Oiselle profile page
In the comments here, don't worry if it doesn't show up right away. It has to be approved first.

Sorry I can't get you out of work to answer the question but who knows this could get your wheels turning for the big Totally Trials contest!

Happy Weekend!



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