Seattle is a sun-starved, weather bruised community. We wait all year for that glowing orb to appear, to shed light on mountains we only get to see three times. This is only a slight exaggeration. So on Friday, May 4th, we were all drooling over the forecast. The weekend was in the 60s and Monday... 70s! We all joked that we should take a sun-day (like a snow day). And then on Sunday (the real day) came the message from Sally to Kristin, Jacquelyn and me: stay out of Oiselle HQ, BUT use the day to explore what running means to us and what Oiselle stands for in our words/eyes. She posed it as two questions:

1. Why do you Run? (visuals)

2. What three words describe Oiselle? (visuals)

We labeled the day Monday Madness and all set off on our own to do a little soul searching about this sport we love. Here is what we found.

(click each name or photo to read/see that person's thoughts on the subjects)

Kristin Metcalf

Kristin is the Oiselle Team manager. She is made for this role, so organized and focused on each gals races. You could ask any given day, who's racing this weekend and boom! she'd know. She'd also know their race goals and previous PRs. She knows because she's so excited for every member of Oiselle's team and interested in their success, and because she can make one bada** hand-drawn chart. Seriously Kristin rocks.


Sally Bergesen

Sally is our fearless leader, the founder of Oiselle, designer extraordinaire and one funny bird to boot. Always a new idea (hello, Rundies) and the most inspiring person I've worked with/for. I'm not just saying this because she can see over my shoulder right now...


Jacquelyn Komen

JK is a University of Washington student working at Oiselle part time in social media. She is a spark! Full of enthusiasm, energy and ideas. Oiselle HQ is a lot of fun on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with JK in the office.


Sarah MacKay (Mac)

Is me, I'm Mac, but lets embrace the third person. She is the marketing director at Oiselle, star of two vlog episodes, and a Oiselle runner.

May 17, 2012 — sarah

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